IL-06: Daily Herald Endorses Dr. Jay Kinzler Over Jeanne Ives

Dr. Jay Kinzler

Herald unconvinced at the Ives makeover 2020 and goes with Dr. Kinzler

Early Thursday morning, the Daily Herald editorial board endorsed Dr. Jay Kinzler for the Republican nomination in the 6th congressional district.

Winning the Herald editorial board’s endorsement brings the major newspaper endorsements to two for Dr. Kinzler, who was also endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times:

“On Ives, we’re not convinced. For all her promises to work with Democrats to fashion workable solutions to such stubborn problems facing the nation….we still see in Ives a candidate more eager for combat than cooperation.

“Her primary campaign all but assumes victory and rarely even acknowledges her opponent, instead focusing on harshly negative, often misleading attacks on one-term incumbent Democrat Sean Casten…”

Daily Herald Editorial Endorsement of Dr. Jay Kinzler 2/20/20

External link to Daily Herald endorsement:


IL-06: Daily Herald Endorses Dr. Jay Kinzler Over Jeanne Ives — 8 Comments

  1. Jay is the right choice!

    An Army Colonel who joined to help his country during a time of war, a doctor and down to earth man who is willing to represent the common man.

    He understands issues affecting veterans and he’s got my vote!

  2. Let’s GO DR. Kinzler.

    Can you feel the Kinzler-mentum.!

    I mean Jeanne is a joke, there’s no way she can win.

  3. Ives is catty.

    Her disparaging juvenile comments about Trump when he was the Republican Nominee was disgraceful.

    What would she rather have happened?

    A Hillary victory?

    Ives showed her true colors.

    I’m going Jay Kinzler!

  4. When the Daily Herald picked Schofield over Skillicorn I am definitely wondering who is choosing over there?

  5. Roanoke, maybe it’s time you went back to your blackface Governor in VA.

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