IL-14: Jim Oberweis Launches Negative TV Commercial Against Sue Rezin

Jim Oberweis
Sue Rezin

Clearly in response to Rezin being endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald and her surging poll numbers, Oberweis goes negative

As 14th congressional district Republican Jim Oberweis is on the receiving end of a negative mailer from Ted Gradel, Oberweis is much more concerned with a surging Sue Rezin, who was endorsed by both the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald, including in Sunday print editions.

As was written previously, Oberweis will be tracking polling every week, and in the wake of the two newspaper endorsements and Rezin’s first TV commercial ad buy, both digital and TV, this ad betrays a little fear in the Oberweis camp.

As stated earlier, Oberweis is playing defense from the Gradel mailer, but is playing effective offense with a TV commercial ad buy.

While as of mid Friday afternoon, Rezin has not launched a new TV commercial, her campaign did update the ending of her first commercial with the two newspaper endorsements highlighted:

Three and a half weeks left before primary day, and the best is yet to come.


IL-14: Jim Oberweis Launches Negative TV Commercial Against Sue Rezin — 4 Comments

  1. The new Gradel hit piece on MooMan is really withering.

    Get out MooMan.

  2. Better to have “Moo-Man” than Rezin, I say!

    I can’t figure out who’s the best candidate: Gradel or Marter.

  3. It won’t make the slightest difference which Republican creature ‘wins’ in March.

    Lauren will send them for hospice care, in a gentle, humane way.

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