LITH Sends Used Playground Equipment to Haiti

For several years, the Village has donated its used playground equipment to Kids Around the World, a non-profit organization that uses donated playground equipment to build playgrounds for

Pictured is the playground equipment that used to be located at Ken Carpenter Park but is now being used by children in Haiti. 


LITH Sends Used Playground Equipment to Haiti — 20 Comments

  1. Aren’t there places in IL/USA that could have used it?

    Go back to the genocide that occurred in Haiti during Napoleon’s time.

    Almost every white man, woman and child hacked to pieces.

    Many creoles too.

    ‘Haiti is a savage land that cannot be civilized’. ——-Papa Doc Duvalier.

  2. Probably would have been cheaper to just buy them one instead of shipping it.

    I didn’t know a village could donate public owned property, especially ones that are still useful or could be auctioned?

  3. Kenneally likely wanted to donate his soiled undergarments as he’s all about giving and a real humanitarian in my opinion.

    He also wanted a tax deduction but Haiti declined his generous offer.

  4. Good god… what is wrong with all of you?

    This is a good thing.

    Well done, LITH.

  5. The key question should be why is the equipment no longer usable by kids in LITH but apparently is safe to use by children in another country?

    Are citizens of LITH OK with buying new equipment IF existing equipment is safe and usable?

  6. What is wrong with you, Alabama? It looks like a fake picture. And look at all the children playing on this paltry equipment. The “organization” linked is probably notorious as they are proud to claim affiliation with the likes of scam organizations like World Vision and Joyce Meyer.(Both very prolific in money profiteering.) It may have been a good thought originally, but the world does not work that way! Only the naive can play this game and will do so to their own detriment.

  7. ** It looks like a fake picture. **


    **probably notorious**


  8. Seems like the Dominicans partially paid back the murderers in 1937!

    Estimates on the death toll vary, of course, but by mid-October, up to 25,000 Haitian men, women and children had been murdered by Dominican soldiers and civilian conscripts.

    Some of them were shot, but most were beaten or hacked to death with swords and machetes.

  9. The racism on this blog has reached a new high!

    Congratulations Cal!

    I suppose now we’ll have the descendants of French slave-owners cry about reparations for the Slave Revolt in Haiti!

    How can the genocide of Haitians by the Dominicans be lauded?

    But they are here!

  10. BTW, where is the source of the fake quote, Ms. Trumpion?

    You’re racist mind?

  11. Alabama, you nitiwt? If that’s a public playground I’ll eat my clothes!

  12. LOL UnderwoodNow is so stupid they have reversed the common error of using your in place of you’re. You just never see that. That is giving me great cheer. People (or machines) that insist on labeling anything and everything racist are so very transparent and have no intelligence whatsoever.

  13. We got a girl here, or guy, underwoodnow who is accusing some on this thread of racism. Like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater but no fire. On another thread, the girl or guy underwoodnow is accusing some of hate speech but no hate apparent. Just fake claims, like the politician who claims to have been a nurse but with zero documented experience such as in an hospital ICU, Surgery room, post surgery unit, etc.

  14. I don’t get Underwood’s point.

    I didn’t see any whites doing the genociding in Rwanda…… only blacks killing each other.

    I saw no Nazis in Cambodia under Pol Pot.

    Or Nazis running ISIS, or the Soviets and Maos many Genocides and mass killings.

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