McHenry County Board Member Chuck Wheeler Does Not Call for Jack Franks to Resign

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler gave a member comment so long that I’ll break it up into several posts.

Here’s the beginning:

Chuck Wheeler

First off, I think you will be surprised that I am not going to be asking for your resignation.

The presumption of innocence has always been a tenant of our democracy.

You are free to stay in your office defend your innocence every month bringing down your family, this County and your party.

Well Mr. Franks I would like to have said that I was surprised by the recent allegations which finally surfaced from Springfield last week, but I can’t say that I was.

Democratic Board Chairman Franks, you have a reputation for making women cry in public meetings from your bullying tactics.

While it might be acceptable behavior in Springfield, or Chicago this has no place here in McHenry County.

Seriously, the allegation now on the table is that you committed criminal sexual assault.

And for those of you who aren’t up on legal jargon that is defined as RAPE!

I realize that an allegation is not proof of a crime, but the proverbial question must be asked is why are the Capitol Police required to escort you when you visit the Capital?

This is unheard of but none the less ordered by your own Democratic Speaker of the House Mike Madigan.

In all my years, I have never heard of a Member of the House having this type of scrutiny being exalted upon them.

That being the case I think that we here as a County Board have a responsibility to discuss if the same restrictions should be placed on you here in the county?

And if so for how long?

At this point, we as County Board members knowing this, have at the very least, a fiduciary responsibility to ask these questions.

If the Speaker of the House won’t let him roam unescorted why should
we, and why are we?

I am hereby requesting that Mr. Novack our Chair of Law Government and Liquor add the following item of discussion to the agenda in Executive

= = = = =

More coming.


McHenry County Board Member Chuck Wheeler Does Not Call for Jack Franks to Resign — 31 Comments

  1. Omg!




    And even better hilarious!

    Keep up the great work Mr. Wheeler!

    Nevertheless Mr Wheeler, expect another Franks related “integrity fund” to back the next mailer against you.

    As always hail to Franks and remember Franks thinks he’s got Integrity!

    I will be sending him a dictionary in case he needs to look it up!

  2. “I am hereby requesting that Mr. Novack our Chair of Law Government and Liquor add the following item of discussion to the agenda in Executive Session.”

    This will go nowhere, Nowack is a nice guy but has absolutely no balls and most likely afraid of Jack.

  3. I am shocked dozens of women haven’t come forward.

    Of course, rumors aren’t proof of anything but damn…

  4. Does Mr Wheeler have these same views about Trump? Or Kavanaugh?

    On a side note, just saw a photo of Roger Stone wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt…hahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  5. Wheeler the Dealer is part of the problem!

    Did Franks or Austin show Wheeler Franks’ ‘Wheeler File’?

  6. Nicely put..


    This action better not cost us TaxPayers any liability down the road Board Members.

    We have had enough paying for these peoples piss poor behaviors and actions.

  7. Lame.

    No wonder Franks reigns supreme.

    Low IQ, Low Energy County Bd members can’t seem to thwart Franks, even in the wake of this ungodly situation!

    They either do not want to fight Franks, or they are so incompetent they can’t figure things out.

    P A T H E T I C !

    County Board enables Franks!!!

    That’s the only conclusion to be drawn!

  8. Wow Chuck…I always Knew you had a way with words

    Keep it up

    I have just one word for you


    Looking forward to reading the next post

  9. CP, the state police had probable cause and 2 third party witnesses for this raid for the information that Madigan gave up.

    It’s not ‘a rumor’.

    and what makes you think men and women alike haven’t come forward?

  10. Only 2 weeks late.

    Is Wheeler trying to nudge Franks out?


    Get the pitchforks!

  11. Do you people even read the article or do you just respond to the headline?

    Sounds like the latter…

  12. Cal how about a round up of local.politicians calling for Trump to resign?

    He’s got at least 22x the accusations

  13. Pussyfooting around.

    That’s what politicians do.

    Impeach Franks.

    Quit mincing.

  14. Good job Chuck.

    Mr. Kvidera stop comparing Jack to Trump.

    Stay on topic.

    This is about Jack Franks.

    How would you like your wife working with a man like this.

    I bet you would be uneasy to say the least.

  15. If the voters of McHenry County had not been snookered by Jack Franks into having an elected County Chair, he would have been ousted by his peers already.

    But Jack knows how to wield power and he got it and will not give up without a fight.

    I wish I knew how to facilitate a recall of Mr. Franks before he does more damage to our county than he already has.

  16. An alleged rapist and Acosta who is partially responsible for 5 year old AJ’s death.

    That Board is a joke.

    I’m glad to see others speaking out about Franks but what about Acosta???

    Mr. Wheeler is the only board member to publically ask for his resignation

  17. Chuck

    Always appreciate your passion for doing what’s right.

    Franks at a minimum should have the same police escort to all public affairs and hearings where women are present.

    Not too much to ask given the circumstances and investigations at present.

    We wouldn’t want another victim.

    No vote needed just a call to action.

  18. Sheer hypocrisy.

    Wheeler is a delegate for Trump, who cheated on his wife and who brags about grabbing women by the *****, but that’s ok because Trump is a Republican … today.

  19. M, simmer down, please.

    “It’s all good.” Isn’t that what you said about Billy Clinton so very many times?

    At least Trump is good now.

    Billy was on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ 3 years ago!

  20. For starters, there is no way to get the subject matter on the agenda of a committee without Jack Franks’ permission.

    That is how toothless McHenry County Board members are.

  21. Chuck Wheeler all of a sudden is concerned about the way the women were treated???

    Why didn’t he stop it when it was happening??

    You’re just as much of a loser as Frank’s and the rest of them.

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