Tribune Offers No Endorsement in Democratic Primary to Face Off Against Steve Reick

Two Democrats are fighting for a place on the fall ballot to run against incumbent Republican Steve Reick.

They are Marengo Democratic State Central Committeeman Philip Janko and Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager.

Janko is the only member of the Democratic Party State Central Committee to vote against Mike Madian’s re-election as Chairman.

Sager is a long-time supporter of Jack Franks, although running as an Alternate Delegate to the GOP National Convention for George Romney and serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman until called out when he endorsed Franks for McHenry County Board Chairman in 2016.

The Tribune found neither worthy of an endorsement.


Tribune Offers No Endorsement in Democratic Primary to Face Off Against Steve Reick — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder about the gender of the mysterious Woodstock cop, and sexual orientation.

    Sager advertises PD opening in Chicago gay newspapers.

  2. Any, any, any Republican is better than a Democrat.

    Democrats here in Illinois might, might have a chance, though slim, for redemption if they publicly disavow the recklessness of their fellow national level Democrats in Washington DC who have been trying for 3 years to sabotage the Trump Administration. Sabotage includes but not limited to the phony Russia collusion, illegal VISA warrants and the kangaroo court conducted by US Rep Schiff.

    One of the local Democrats running against Reick is a supporter of a nutjob Bernie whose policies would destroy our health system.

  3. I will not, cannot and shall not vote for Steve Reick.

    He voted for the gasoline tax hike, 5 days after he told me he wasn’t.

    I ran into him a month later and he tried to tell me it was a good deal.

    He said he changed his mind and got more info from party leaders.


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