Bill Introduced to Regulate Your Garden

Hard to believe, but here’s the scope of Springfield’s State Rep. Sonya Harper proposes in House Bill 4704:

“The State or a unit of local government may regulate gardens on residential property unless a statute or regulation has the practical effect of precluding gardens on residential property entirely. Permissible statutes or regulations include, but are not limited to, those pertaining to

  • restrictions on water use during drought conditions,
  • existing or future adoption of property set-backs, maximum lot coverage,
  • utility safety, fertilizer use,
  • control of invasive species, or a substance regulated under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, the Industrial Hemp Act, or the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.”


Bill Introduced to Regulate Your Garden — 6 Comments

  1. Really, who sponsored this?

    Whoever did should be recalled ASAP.

    Oh yeah, we don’t have a recall process.

  2. Can I still urinate on my tomatoes …. not on the plants, just the soil around them?

  3. Im sure same one who said we need a kitty license…

    whats next the type of azzwipe we are to use…

    tell me socialism is not on their minds…

    i call BS if they say otherwise

  4. If you like your garden, you can keep your garden?

    Or maybe not…


    Is this the Obama effect?

  5. The bill introduced by Democrat Harper covers growing stuff in home gardens for homeowner use only. What if there is a bumper crop and the homeowner gives some vegetables to neighbors or relatives? Would this be violating the bill/law?

    Also, surprised that the Democrat, who is likely aligned with AOC New Green Deal, did not include method to cultivate dirt to exclude gas engine tillers. Would expect a Democrat to require that only hand tools would be allowed to turn over dirt, break up soil for planting. Gas engines pollute.

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