IL-14: Both Sue Rezin and Jim Oberweis Called Out on Residency Questions

Sue Rezin
Jim Oberweis

Oberweis mailer shows voters where Rezin lives on the map while Lauren Underwood claims Oberweis is hiding money in Florida from full taxation

In addition to the Jim Oberweis congressional campaign mentioning in its negative TV commercial that State Senator Sue Rezin does not live in the 14th congressional district, Oberweis followed-up with a hit-piece mailer that hit the streets this weekend solely discussing Rezin’s Grundy County residency and showing on the map where that is in relation to the 14th congressional district:

And on the opposite side of the map, Oberweis’ campaign shares Rezin’s voter registration from Grundy County.

And the mailer ends with the “C-word”, or “Carpetbagger” label for Rezin.

If the negative TV commercial released last week wasn’t enough to convince Republican primary voters of a growing fear in the Oberweis campaign, this mailer betrays it, especially with Rezin surging in the polls after landing two of the three editorial board endorsements from major Chicagoland newspapers last week — the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald.

But Oberweis is not immune to residency questions, and Wednesday addressing the Evanston chapter of Indivisible, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood brought the question of Oberweis’ residency to the forefront of her remarks that were covered by the Daily Northwestern.

“He’s [Oberweis] somebody who’s extremely wealthy, but all those earnings are sitting in the state of Florida with his wife, where she has residency, and they don’t pay income taxes,” Underwood said of Oberweis.

“He has very well-established bigoted and racist views — we know this. We know that those views are not in line with the 14th District.”

Lauren Underwood of Jim Oberweis, 2/19/20
Daily Northwestern

Well, guess one can observe that if Oberweis is going to call Rezin’s residency into question, guess Underwood and anyone else can call Oberweis’ residency arrangement into question prior to the primary, too, especially noting what the Democrats will try to do with the fact of Oberweis’ Florida home, and his wife being a legal resident of Florida for over 8 years.

Indeed, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) did that last fall, remember this DCCC press release nearly four months to the day?

While Underwood’s speech in Evanston last week tipped her hand how she will confront Oberweis if he is the nominee, Republican primary voters can decide for themselves in the last three weeks of the primary campaign, if Oberweis’ liability of the dual state residency of Mr. & Mrs. Oberweis and decide if that is an exposure too risky for the general election and vote accordingly.

The full article from Wednesday’s Daily Northwestern link is below, and additional topics, particularly Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s guide for Underwood and her supporters to dissemble the campaign for the fall within the 14th district will be discussed in a future article.


IL-14: Both Sue Rezin and Jim Oberweis Called Out on Residency Questions — 9 Comments

  1. I am betting you voted for Joe Walsh when he ran for the 8th Congressional (old map) seat in 2010 and he didn’t live in the District.

    Congressman Bob Dold didn’t live in the 10th District.

    And doesn’t Oberweis take tax credits for his home in Florida?

    The GOP and its hypocrisy.

  2. The facts are (and the law is clear) that residence in the state is the only requirement to run for Congress.

    The flier also omits that 2/3 of Rezin’s current Senate District are within the 14th Congressional District.

    Residency is a red herring in this race.

    Now….about that dual residency/tax issue….

    OB might have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. Some people doubted me when I said it was going to be a big problem for her.

    Now Oberweis, the front runner, is attacking her over it.

  4. I frankly wouldn’t care if Oberweis lived in Russia.

    Underwood must be stopped at all costs.

    Yet it’s hard for me to figure out who has the best chance of kicking her lying butt out of office so she can community organize elsewhere.

    For me it’s between Oberweis, Gradel & Marter.

    Rezin is out!!! Evans & Catella are nice but can’t do it. Catalina can’t win either although she’s good at heart.

  5. For the moment, this is much ado about nothing.

    Districts are not an issue.

    Residency in districts is not an issue.

    In fact, residency doesn’t matter AT ALL — until election day.

    “No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, WHEN ELECTED, BE AN INHABITANT OF THAT STATE IN WHICH HE SHALL BE CHOSEN.” — U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 2, clause 2.

    In short — all one need do is establish state residency at least one day prior to an election.

    And even then, district residency would not be required.

  6. Cheap Goat, we’re all aware of what the Constitution says, but sometimes voters have higher standards than what is constitutionally or legally required.

    The Constitution says you need to be 30 to be a U.S. Senator. Do we get a lot of 30 year old senators? No.

    The Constitution doesn’t say anything about being too old to run for president, yet it sure looks like voters are judging Biden to be too old and senile for the job. (There is an amendment that mentions not being fit to serve but it refers to a sitting president not a candidate.)

    Political party rules allow a candidate like Bernie Sanders or whoever the front runner of the Democratic Party is to be denied the nomination because of super delegates. (Party hacks wanted to do this to Trump but he was able to win an outright majority of delegates so they couldn’t.) It’s not against the rules, but it doesn’t mean people would like it. It doesn’t mean people wouldn’t stay home in the aftermath of that. It doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a riot in Milwaukee…

    The Constitution says there shall be no religious test to be president — do you think if a devout openly Muslim candidate ran for president they would win?

    A transgender person could become president. I hope you get the point.

    Sobieski, you’re confusing your preferences for people’s preferences. You may not care that Rezin doesn’t live in the district, but the point is that in a tight election it could be a major problem for her if just a few people stay home.

    All of this could be avoided if she would just MOVE INSIDE THE DISTRICT!

    Why would she not just move? Because she thinks it probably won’t be a big deal?? Why would she even want to risk it? We’re talking about the potential control of the U.S. House of Representatives, not a friendly game of Scrabble. This is serious business.

    Cross your i’s and dot your t’s. Don’t just hope and guess that things will work out. This is something she has complete control over. She could make this problem go away.

    We all have to do things that we find inconvenient for some greater purpose. Somebody like Sue Rezin who raised the gas tax to improve infrastructure should definitely understand and appreciate that point. Taxpayers are sacrificing. Why can’t Sue Rezin?

    If she is categorically ruling out the possibility of moving inside the 14th district, then I will call into question the idea that she seriously wants to win this seat back from the Democrats or at least call into question the “wisdom” of her political consultants.

  7. Cross your t’s.
    Dot your i’s.


    It’s been a long day!

  8. Correcting, my understanding of Rezin is she said last summer that should she be elected to Congress this year, after the Democrats redraw the congressional boundary lines after the 2020 Censues next year, that is when she and her husband will be amenable to moving into the new 14th district, and not before.

    Seems reasonable, since all of the congressional boundaries will change next year as the result of the 2020 Census, and Democrats will be in charge of Springfield so it will be a Democratic drawn map.

    It’s no secret Illinois will lose a congressional seat as the result of the 2020 Census, and it’s a foregone conclusion the eliminated Republican congressional seat will be the freshman who wins the heavily Republican 15th congressional district downstate.

    What that means for the 14th means most likely, its redrawn lines will be more competitive, and we all know Mike Madigan, who will be in charge of the new maps, knows what he’s doing.

    So I personally do not mind Rezin being noncommittal to moving into the current 14th district, since it will change in time for the 2022 election cycle, and we’ll see what she does then, assuming she wins the primary and then unseats Underwood in the fall.

    One other point of correction for Correcting, and that is the role of superdelegates at the 2020 Democratic convention in Milwaukee. The party adopted new rules that superdelegates will not be counted on the first ballot for the presidential nomination, and in spite of the fear/panic many Democrats are experiencing with the reality Senator Bernie Sanders could be the nominee, trying to change the superdelegate rule in advance of the convention is something the Democrats don’t dare do.

    Therefore, the delegates needed to secure the presidential nomination on the first ballot is 1,991 delegates. Anything short of that number, even if Sanders has the most delegates on the first ballot, will mean the 2nd ballot and subsequent ballots will INCLUDE superdelegates, and a significant additional number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

    One other thing, the term “superdelegates” is now officially known as “automatic delegates”, but the rule still applies, that an automatic delegate will not cast a ballot during the first ballot, but pledged delegates will be bound to cast their pledged vote.

    Now, if there is no presidential nominee after the first ballot, then the pledged delegates are released from their pledges, and we are going to see a brokered convention.

    I’m going to write more about the Sanders effect, given what Congresswoman Lauren Underwood said last week when she addressed the Evanston chapter of Indivisible, and how the far left needs to approach campaigning for Underwood’s reelection later this year within the 14th district.

    It’s becoming more urgent if Bernie Sanders is the nominee.

  9. “Correcting, my understanding of Rezin is she said last summer that should she be elected to Congress this year, after the Democrats redraw the congressional boundary lines after the 2020 Censues next year, that is when she and her husband will be amenable to moving into the new 14th district, and not before.

    Seems reasonable, since all of the congressional boundaries will change next year as the result of the 2020 Census, and Democrats will be in charge of Springfield so it will be a Democratic drawn map.”

    Fair point, but I just wonder about other voters. If they are constantly seeing/hearing/reading ads that say she doesn’t live in the district, which you know the Democrats would do, I think it will make a difference. If it were truly an irrelevant point, I don’t think the front runner would be attacking her over it. It’s just my opinion. I guess we will find out if Rezin is the nominee, though I’m pretty sure that will not happen. To me, if Republicans really want to get the House back, they shouldn’t hide behind defenses like “that’s inconvenient for me.” How inconvenient is it for Republicans that Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and Lauren Underwood is in congress?

    Yeah, I know they are not called super delegates anymore, but the point stands. They are unelected delegates that are not bound to congressional, state, or national election results. The other night at the debate every candidate but Bernie said in one form or another that the process should play out and the person with the most delegates going into the convention shouldn’t necessarily win. People from Krystal Ball to Chris Christie have said that the most surefire way the Democrats could re-elect Trump would be by having a brokered convention and then taking the nomination away from Bernie if he goes in leading.

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