Park District Owning Homes

The Daily Herald has an article by Jake Griffin which tells of park districts in its circulation area that own houses.

Here is the information on the Cary Park District:

• 1 house at Sands East Main Street Prairie

• $1,400 monthly rent

The Dundee Township Park District also has similar property:

• 1 house and 1 apartment at Randall Oaks Zoo and Bonnie Dundee Golf Course

• $1,000 monthly rent


Park District Owning Homes — 11 Comments

  1. Cary Park Dist pays property taxes on that rental house and property taxes on the land that farmers rent also.

  2. Who’s getting these sub-market rate rentals? Political kin?

  3. Why does the Cary Park District own a house?

    Their real name is Cary Park District and realty company.

    Another fiefdom that needs to be talked down.

  4. Tangentially related: Does the Crystal Lake library still own all those houses it scooped up thinking it would get approval to build a new palace?

    What’s going on with there?

    Rented out?

    For how much?

    To whom?

    How much are the carrying costs?

    Are the properties paying taxes?

  5. Nob, per McHenry County Athena property search gis site, (found on the County Home page, connect me to, maps-aerial (GIS) which when finding the property, click the “property info” tab, you will get owner and tax info.

    The rented “farmhouse” and outbuildings is showing tax exempt.

    The treasurer’s site doesn’t even reflect any building(s) on that parcel. 20-18-226-004. Use the basemaps tab to get the aerial view overlay option.

    If you have docs or a better means to check they pay property taxes like you claim, please share.

  6. Cary park dist got the house as part of Sands Main Street Prairie donation.

    The old farm’s barn is used by the park dist for storage.

  7. Can these properties purchased be proven to be:

    “…for the purpose of planning, establishing and maintaining recreational programs, such programs to include playgrounds, community and recreational centers…”

    70 ILCS 1205/) Park District Code.
    (70 ILCS 1205/Art. 5 heading)
    Sec. 5-2. Any park district may levy and collect annually, a tax of not to exceed .12% of the value, as equalized or assessed by the Department of Revenue, of all taxable property in such district for the purpose of planning, establishing and maintaining recreational programs, such programs to include playgrounds, community and recreational centers, which tax shall be levied and collected in like manner as the general taxes for such district. Such tax shall be in addition to all other taxes authorized by law to be levied and collected in such district and shall not be included within any limitation of rate contained in this Code or any other law, but shall be excluded therefrom and be in addition thereto and in excess thereof.

  8. If taxing bodies have violated civil law, taxpayers must file tax objection lawsuits to recover damages due to malfeasance.

    Questions which can be fairly easily answered by citizens, with a little research and FOIA:

    1. Were fair market values paid for purchased properties?

    2. Were any conflicts identified between sellers and buyer?

    3. If property is rented to insiders/employees, are these perquisites being taxed properly as TAXABLE FRINGE BENEFITS?

  9. Susan’s right!

    Mary Mahady in McHenry Towenship is the queen of assessment mistakes.

  10. Cary Park dist paid $5,817.66 in property taxes last year on 6 properties they rent out.

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