Another Letter in Favor of Consolidating McHenry Township

This one to the Northwest Herald is from Bob Anderson and is republished with his permission:

Vote to eliminate McHenry Twp. and reduce your property taxes

In McHenry Township it’s pathetic to see expensive political vote no signs in people’s yards and in businesses, they all must have fingers in the township cookie jar.

McHenry Township Residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

Working families and seniors being tax out of their homes, and these township bloodsuckers want to torpedo a guaranteed 10% property tax reduction?

Cash in on YOUR 10% property tax reduction!

Vote YES on March 17! 


Another Letter in Favor of Consolidating McHenry Township — 22 Comments

  1. It is unknown if elimination of the Township will reduce real estate taxes and for Mr. Anderson to so state is simply misleading.

    The essential services will have to be provided by someone and, at best, what may be saved in taxes will probably lost in efficiency.

    If I thought the pros outweighed the negatives I would vote for elimination in a minute, but I just don’t see it.

  2. @Jim If Mchenry Township has pensioners, than the savings would be huge.

  3. It’s funny, I live in McCullom Lake and all the signs that say “Vote No” just happen to be from houses on the township payroll.

  4. Will Snowplow Bob be out helping the Township plow truck drivers in the next few days?

    Or will he continue his sour grapes rant?

  5. So Snowplow Bob, according to your math, a $10,000 property tax bill will be reduced to $9,000 by eliminating the township?

    Please explain how you arrived at this touted 10% “guaranteed property tax reduction”?????

    A math major you ain’t.

  6. “Cash in on YOUR 10% property tax reduction!”

    Did Bob Anderson steal that bs from Jack Franks?

  7. I assume you would say the same about Jack Franks’ CUT 10 promise, right?

  8. All the township drones come out of the woodwork like the sting bugs they are to blast ‘Barber Bob’

    Townships are a waste. PERIOD. This study proves it:


    A Better Government Association investigation into the financial records of the 20 largest Cook County suburban townships uncovers a web of government hamlets that are hoarding millions of dollars in property taxes, overpaying to fix and maintain a smattering of roads and bankrolling a number of costly, often redundant, jobs and social services not mandated by any law.

    Collectively, these 20 townships racked up nearly $264 million in assets primarily from property taxes, including $87 million in cash on about $77 million in debts during the last fiscal year ending in early 2010, the BGA investigation reveals.

  9. Stink bugs

    But I guess blood-sucking bedbugs are a better analogy!

  10. The good news for you Township haters is I don’t give a hoot what your opinion is.

    Grumpy and pissy is no way to go thru life

  11. Lots of signs in McCullom lake that must mean there are 30 township employees who live there!

  12. Township pigs, you mean Machone.

    Time to boycott that awful ‘restaurant’

  13. I’d rather pay the township than give my money to the county to misuse.

    At least I know I will be able to go to work in the morning after it snows and poor roads will be fixed.

    Amongst other things these people take care of in our community.

  14. What Bob has failed to mention is that the 10% savings is off of the amount of your Township tax and is for 1 year.

    Most people will save less than $20.

    The following year your taxes will likely exceed your former Township tax.

    You will receive less services and pay more in taxes.

  15. Bob Anderson has driven the cost of McHenry Township up – to feather his pockets!

    He has been responsible for calling a record number of special meetings during this term.

    The trustees get $100 per diem – that’s for every meeting they attend!

    Add to that the cost of the township attorney – the cost of a special meeting is approximately $1000 each.

    That is absolutely pathetic.

    Why can’t they conduct busines within the monthly meeting?

    Until these trustees came along there were a minimum of special meetings, typically around budget planning time.

    Anderson & his cronies are ‘earning’ a sizable paycheck for themselves vs prior terms.

    What a waste he and his troup are.

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