McSweeney on Coronavirus

From State Rep David McSweeney:

Rep. McSweeney Calls on Gov. Pritzker to Appoint a Coronavirus Czar

Cary, IL – State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) says Illinois needs a point person to coordinate coronavirus containment efforts with the federal government.

“We need a person with a strong medical background who can serve as a liaison between Illinois and Washington D.C.,” McSweeney said.

“Millions of people visit Chicago every year. The impact this coronavirus would have on our state could be severe.

“It is important that we work with the federal government and make sure all of our state agencies are taking the appropriate measures. Governor Pritzker should immediately appoint someone to coordinate these efforts.”

Illinois currently has two confirmed coronavirus cases both in Chicagoland area.

“The disease is already here,” McSweeney said.

“The Governor should be proactive in protecting Illinois citizens from this potentially deadly virus.”


McSweeney on Coronavirus — 17 Comments

  1. What is national policy on policing and enforcing GPOs’ equitable distribution of scarce hospital commodities such as saline bags?

    What recourse will we in flyover country have when we are given a lower percentage per capita of critical medical supplies by GPOs than other districts whose political representatives are sponsors and protectors of GPO unique safe harbor from Anti-Kickback laws and unique immumity from pricing and allocations disclosures?

  2. Yes, your Illinois Czar will get out front of this thing.

    By recommending a hefty Tax on Sterile Glove Wear and those N95 Air Masks idiots are buying.

  3. Please answer your constituents:

    Will you live and die on Illinois hospitals in this emergency?

    Will you answer the question: who gets scarce supplies like saline bags in this crisis?

    Can you answer whether there is an allocations policy in place?

    Can you answer whether there are meaningful penalties for policy violations?

  4. Suddenly The Bean doesnt seem so appealing…

    imagine who has touched that thing and where they were before they got here.

    Yes Governor, get a Czar and along with ensuring there is adequate medical supplies and designated medical facilities—

    you might want to put an end to the Sanctuary State nonsense.

    You’ll get us all killed if still pandering for votes from folks we’re not presently allowed to even ask any questions of.

  5. Political Class privileged individuals, who can fly to privileged prottected areas,
    Answer the question now:

    What are Federal distribution allocations policies for critical hospital supplies such as saline bags?

    Will you publicly pledge to keep yourself and your family in you home district for treatment during this pandemic emergency?

  6. +1 DJ the only thing they are pro-active on is YOUR TAXES… hand in pocket…

  7. Oh, please! Ridiculous that this fake pandemic is being treated with such a cavalier attitude that would save no one. China is killing dissidents and blaming a fake disease and we will all suffer from the worldwide pandemic of medical martial law because the whole world is too stupid to contain a simple cold virus. Medical quarantine is a hundred times worse than the martial law everyone is worried about. People are disappearing and we are purposefully being fomented into a frenzy over their lies. Stop trusting in politicians. This is the culling they are so excited about.

  8. All medical manufacturers and distributors have put in purchasing restrictions and an allocation policy in place for items such as masks, hand sanitizers, gowns and other protective apparel, surface disinfectants, even some gloves.

    Some companies that manufacture these products in China are indicating that the communist government has begun seizing their production for their own use and not allowing anything to be exported back to the U.S. or Europe.

  9. And the DEMOCRATS motto is:

    Never let a good crises go to waste – RM.

  10. Interesting Cindy, except that the PLA military Commander in Inner Mongolia has ordered and overseen the execution of over 50 top Communist Party high officials.

    Something IS going on in China, and you’ll find out about after the elites let the MSM tell you about some of it.

  11. The mainstream media will NEVER tell you the truth. Just like China. You can never ever count on the Communists to tell you anything but propaganda. This is a Beta test and you folks are all allowing their fear porn to set you up. No drugs, no masks, no nothing will save you from their culling. When are you people going to listen to reason? What happened when they pulled the Ebola lever? The swine flu lever? The H1N1 lever? They want you in fear and coming to them so they can cull the masses. Pray for the Chinese. They are being genocided right now. You are next if you continue to listen to their lies!

  12. Cindy, what the hell are you ranting about? Chinese genociding themselves? Really?

    Pol Pot didn’t kill everybody. Neither did Mao, although millions were killed.

    Inconvenient people are killed all the time by governments everywhere.

    Just take Jeffery Epstein as a recent case in point.

    All the pervy pukes that Mossad agent videotaped from Billy Clinton to Alan the Dershowitz, and Larry Summers, Woody Allen, Steven Pinker, Lawrence Krauss, “Prince” Andrew, etc.

    “Lolita Express” all aboard!

    Right in a federal lockup with 24/7 surveillance!

    What about JFK or Sen. Heinz?

    Or Sen Tower?

    Why was the exCIA Dir. Wm Colby axed?

    Wake up Little Cindy.

  13. Ms. Trumpion. I had no idea you were a moron. (And you had previously sounded so likable.) What the Hell are you raving about? This piece was about a fake disease. You really wandered way off the beaten path on this. You are a huge part of the problem here if you actually believe those fairytales you are spouting. You are a huge fool to think the Communists are NOT killing their dissidents. Jeffrey is NOT dead, either!

  14. **Wake up Little Cindy.**

    It makes me uncomfortable when I agree with MrsTrumpion. 🤣

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