Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

From the mid-September Cary fundraiser of State Senators Craig Wilcox and Dan McConchie:

“Women for Trump


Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 11 Comments

  1. McConchie ain’t going to be round much longer.

    It’s called a census.

    IL must lose a house seat, so McConcie the sacrificial pangolin.

  2. Ho about “Women Who Sue Trump?” Women molested by Trump?” “Women Insulted by Trump?”

  3. Even some women are mis-guided.

    Or maybe you photo-shopped the phot and took out the word “dump”

  4. Most women are smarter than most guys!

    They know when they are better off than ever before.

    Trump will win in landslide.

  5. Women and mothers in the Woodstock area need to call out the goofball politicians in that town regarding the bag tax. Ask them to rescind that crazy tax that encourages people to bring in their reusable bags. Bags that are laying around the house, maybe on floors in the closet, with dirty shoes nearby. How clean or unclean are the houses of reusable bag people? Ever see popular live shows on tv and how dirty and filthy are some homes?

    Ask the politicians to rescind the bag tax and put in a new law prohibiting bringing in own “reusable” bags to all stores in Woodstock. Empower store managers and store clerks to refuse service to anyone bringing in a bag. Require signs on doors with “No personal bags allowed”.

  6. The prediction has to do with losing a seat in Congress, not the Illinois Senate.

  7. Vladimir Putin is the worst American president since Dick Cheney.

  8. Dentblah, your wee wisdom is rather juvenile. We know you’re sophomoric, but are you an actual HS sophomore>

  9. Crazy Bernie is a commie/socialist sympathizer. Heaps praise on Castro. Spent honeymoon with wife in Russia, Moscow. Wants to impose government central planning for health care, other stuff. Could Bernie become a stooge of Putin? Would he be in Putin’s pocket? As was Barak Hussein Obama when he cancelled defensive missiles in Poland and Chezch Republic per Putin’s request and promised Putin more flexibility to come after Nov 2012 election.

  10. Putin ain’t so bad.

    He won’t tolerate transgendered loons or traitors.

    Mayor Pete has nightmares about Putin.

    He scares weirdos.

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