A Suggestion Chicago Mayor Might Follow — 14 Comments

  1. Almost 2/3 of gun deaths each year are suicide; nearly all the others are homicide.

    A tiny percentage are police.

    If you look at a nationwide map, start at Missouri and follow the Mississippi River south, and you’ll see the hotzone for gun deaths.

    But, yes, everyone in cities and elsewhere should stop shooting each other.

    Shooting others and being shot at are not part of a fulfilling and happy life.

    Please be decent to one another.

  2. I see the Mag Mile is completely boarded up.

    When will the riot commence?

    They’re already happening in Paris and London.

    “Youths” are out of control.

    Ain’t diversity sweet?

  3. As long as the Red line runs from South 95th to the Loop, there odds of crime remain high.

  4. I suggest everyone watch a just released YouTube video from the intelligent and beautiful Kim Iversen re: Facts vs. Fear.

    She breaks down the math from each country affected by Covid-19 and it reveals that even in the worst situation, less than 1% have symptoms and the vast majority who perish are elderly with pre-existing conditions.

    In South Korea and Singapore they did not have mandatory lock downs.

    I am guessing that this crisis will be used to usher in a cashless economy while taking the blame for the recession.

    All we can do is pray, educate and “Fear Not!” God bless you all and may the Truth set us Free!

  5. What if continually parroting this virus pablum, caused the commenter to contract the virus?

    And how do I make this happen?

  6. Time for some tax dollars to be refunded not paying pension teachers to do nothing!

    Also time to make this permanent no more brick and mortar empty schools needed !

    Save tax dollars by electronic learning now is the time!

    Easy enough to implement one teacher can sit and teach 3-4 grades at a time.

    Fom an office.

  7. Big plans to use FOID info to confiscate firearms when Gov. Fatty goes full martial law.

    Will Mr. Prim obey Fatty’s edict?

    Will he resist it?

    Will he put his head in sand w/ Kenneally?

    Will the alleged pervert Franks be put in charge locally by Fatty?

    Will Acosta go full mental?

  8. Why doesn’t Mayor Fool ask the Baltimore ape thugs to have better aim, so the decedents can be tossed into mass graves, freeing up needed beds?

  9. Gary, the reason why homogenous places like Singapore, Japan, S Korea, do far better in crises is that they are not wrecked by diversity lunacy.

    Weirdo trannies, wild inner-city thug youths and bankster-gangsters only destroy culture and civilization.

    Now people are deciding who is going to survive and who represents death.

    All the years of indoctrination are going out the window .

  10. Whoa Pinto! You’d be thrown off of FB for such heretical views, especially that bit about ‘bankster-gangsters’.

    Somebody like Jack Franks might cry and say such things were VERBOTEN in Trans-America!

    But you know what, you and I don’t need a police escort to traipse around the State Capitol in ole Springpatch.

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