Coronavirus Up to Eleven in McHenry County — 21 Comments

  1. I don’t care what these criminals tell everyone. It is all part of their powerplay and they are all in on it. Totally fake! Don’t let anyone put you into a fear state with their insane lies. Use your common sense and critical thinking like your life depends on it because it does. The filth that runs the local governments has sold you out to their 5G weaponized new world order agenda and they are holding you hostage while they complete their nefarious plans. No one is sick because of any FAKE “virus”. Hug your neighbors. They are frightened because they are asleep to the beast system.

  2. Cindy, when the bodies mount up, you will be proven quite wrong. But you are right about the NWO using this crisis for control.

    Get the Israeli vax, or you won’t get rations from the coming National Guard guarded Costco/Walmart Food Distribution Center.

    Are there nanobots in the vax?

  3. Oh my god. I’d say this crisis is making people crazy but you’ve been nuts forever.

    As long as you know it’s harmless,go volunteer in a hospital or senior home that’s dealing with it.

    They don’t have any masks or gloves but you’ll be fine.

  4. Idiots keep showing their mind-controlled dumbness. You two are quite the stubborn fools for believing in the lies. Tens of thousands of bodies pile up on our highways EVERY YEAR and no one closes down society for that! I know plenty of people in health care and they are seeing no one that is sick! Old people die. There is NO TEST to prove anything. Don’t run and give them your DNA because they have put you in fear. That is all they are after. They are lying about ALL OF IT! The only crisis is the one CREATED by the new world order. Stop falling for their crap. You are welcoming the Communists to control ALL of your life! I have told you about this for years and now that it is happening you are still wandering in the dark repeating the same old lies. And Joe? I AM a senior. That’s why I am so much wiser than you! Masks and gloves can’t save you from anything. Do you even know what nanoparticles are? You will always be a fool because you refuse to to use your brain while you live in your fantasy world. Isn’t that the definition of crazy?

  5. A very nice interactive map of the Counties.

    Noticed that each of Boone, Stephenson and Jo Davies Counties have ZERO cases so far.

  6. And another thing. Mark my words and what I warned you about when the internet goes down and you are left in your own brainwashed stupidity. When I can no longer tell you what you should have known all along you might recall what I gave you out of brotherly love. I can only pray that you do not rue the day.

  7. Cindy …. Honestly, how do you explain the four family members who died in NJ??

    Grace Fusco and her 3 children; Rita Fusco-Jackson, Carmine Fusco and Vincent Fusco, all died and 7 more fighting for their lives?

  8. People are always dying. In the coming chaos our precious apes will no longer be on the feed and breed program.

    The youths rioting in Paris are raping several hundred.

    So far.

  9. Having? If you are going to quotes articles from The Daily Fail and The New York Compost then there is no hope for you learning anything. I am not going to try to explain fairytales to you.

  10. Cindy – I wasn’t trying to be rude or snarky in any way, shape or form … it was an honest to goodness question.

    And, I do read, & I do learn try to learn, and I did view some of your video links, which is why I asked the question – I’ve NEVER heard anything about 5G until the “Informer” enlightened me which is why I asked the question in the first place.

  11. I’m sorry if you thought I was answering you as if you were being rude. I didn’t think you were being snarky at all. (And if you knew me from my years and years of posts in here you would be flattered that I went easy on you and that I didn’t call you out as a nitwit.) I am just really tired of stupid and our time is so very short that I am losing any ability to be civil when I get flack. In light of recent events, I have lost any patience I ever had and I really don’t have time to hold the hands of Johnny-come-lately to the party. Jesus basically said to tell them the truth – if they give you any guff move on. I mostly work on that basis when I throw information out there that is paramount to the enlightened. Good on you for searching. Pass it on to everyone you can. He who lays down his life for his fellow man is the highest honor you can achieve.

  12. Internet won’t ‘go down’…… it was designed to withstand chaos.

    But websites will be censored by Big Brother, especially if members of a certain ethnic group are exposed for what they are and what they’re doing.

    What does that tell you about who’s running the show?

  13. Virus is a ruse for many things.

    And will be for even more.

    Yes, CP, they do take our DNA, bio-optics, etc.

    Maybe a rich elite 1% will need your kidneys.

    Yes both of them!

    Israel is the tier one organ harvesting nation, right after China.

  14. This whole thing is fake. Let me know when you reach eleven thousand DEATHS.

  15. Pretty good conspiracy that encompasses 177 countries.

    I think Cindy is saying that nobody is really sick from the virus.

    Are others saying there is a virus but it was developed deliberately to get our DNA, organs etc?

    I’m sorry but this self-confessed conspiracy but believes it real.

    I will pray for you all.

  16. Interesting data on cases BY counties in Illinois. Many have zero cases.

    Considering population data for Illinois and its counties available on the internet, the percent of population who are positive for the virus:

    Illinois entire State (all Counties) .006

    Illinois State minus Counties of Cook, Lake, DuPage .001

    McHenry County .004
    DuPage County .007
    Lake County .009
    Cook County .105

  17. Correction: Cook County is .011

    For comparison, NY City is .094 per info from NY newspapers

  18. Pinto? The internet is ALREADY DOWN. Dumbed down. You are not understanding what is going on here. You cannot research anything. You cannot get answers to real questions. You will ONLY be allowed to “find” what they want you to be indoctrinated with and nothing more. Your steadfast belief that the internet is all good and will survive because of design is l-o-n-g past a reality that never was. They already have you locked in your house while they stream their endless propaganda to you. There is nothing else to do? Turn off their indoctrination. Go out and hug your neighbors. Refuse to be herded by the Satanic new world order and all their hoax fear porn. None of it is real while your neighbors probably still are real.

  19. What bothers me is that they refuse to tell the public how and where these people contracted this virus.

    Shopping markets?



    Train, Plane?

    Family or friend?


    If they are serious about containing this thing they need to publish more data.

    It makes me suspicious of their motives.

    Some of these responses amaze mel.

    Organ harvesting by China and Israel?

    Where do you people come from?

    Who would use infected organs?

    Transplants average 900K plus lifelong meds, do you think they would take a chance like that of having it fail?

    May as well use organs with AIDS and Hep C and cancer.

    And you talk about the ‘stupidity” of the general public panicking?

    Now, I CAN except China pulling this off to payback the West for tariffs or similar.

    Anyone stupid enough to believe that nation is telling the truth should be the 1st to check into a rubber room.

    Same with Russia.

    Yeah it is serious stuff.

    But I also think the public and governments are running too far with this crud.

    Heart disease if the leading killer in this nation, but they don’t shut down fast food.

    In fact you can now get fried chicken using donuts as a bun.

    Smoking kills, but they still allow cig and pot sales.

    Alcohol kills, but they sell it and promote it.

    The leading cause of death in this nation are doctors.

    Go look for yourself.

    They aren’t stopping them from practicing.

    So the real intent is hard to sort, BUT at least use facts and data and not personal beliefs and your own inner fears about conspiracy at absurd levels.

    Get real here.

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