Transparency in Handling Coronovirus

On March 17, 2020, the New York Times ran this article.

Today, the Chicago Tribune reprinted it.

What caught my attention was how transparent the governments were with their citizens.

Read the article and compare it with how local politicians are confronting the disease in the United States.

Locally, the McHenry and Lake County Health Departments will not even provide the zip codes of infected people.

In Singapore, this is what happens:

“Two hours. That’s all the time medical teams in Singapore are given to uncover the first details of how patients contracted the coronavirus and which people they might infect.

“Did they travel abroad? Do they have a link to one of the five clusters of contagion identified across the city-state? Did they cough on someone in the street? Who are their friends and family, their drinking buddies and partners in prayer?…

“In Singapore, the details of where patients live, work and play are released quickly online, allowing others to protect themselves. Close contacts of patients are quarantined to limit the spread. The government further strengthened its borders this week to protect against a new wave of imported infections.”

As I recommended above, read the article and note the differences in approach.


Transparency in Handling Coronovirus — 7 Comments

  1. Why are some commercial and MANY charter flights still coming into the US?

    From CHINA, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Japan?

    Don’t our lives count?

  2. We cant even get a Zip Code out of our officials…guess HIPPA takes precedent over staying alive.

    Over there they release the persons name, where they were, worked,traveled, played etc so others who may have been near them or those areas, can take action at once.

    Our local officials are dooming us with their coy silence.

  3. It’s not silence. They haven’t gotten their script yet on how to cover for all the lies they have told about a fake “pandemic”. Your locals are puppets and are clueless about the damage they are wreaking on everybody! Very stupid people greedily allowed all those antennae to go up on the city’s water tower. Do you really think they have half a brain that fires up once in a great while?

  4. Shhhhhhhhh!

    Political Correctness trumps Medical Exigencies!

    Your life is peanuts compared to Black, Gay, Asian, Chicano, Jewish [fill in the blank] Pride and Sensibilities!

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