McConchie Takes Shot at Congressional Democrats — 5 Comments

  1. McConchie is another betrayer.

    His wheel chair is no excuse for being a worthless RINO.

  2. His handicap is physical and readily apparent.

    We only get to notice yours when you speak or type.

  3. Pokorny, McConchie is a RINO.

    Are you denying it?

    I can give you more examples than the lame Schofield endorsement.

  4. Who cares.

    You idiots on here throw this around like everyone needs to be a gun totin close minded yahoo like you idiots.

    maybe it’s you archaic assholes with the huge front foreheads that are being left behind.

    Get in your bunker the NWO is taking over.

    The Red Dawn is upon us.

    The troops will be moving in shortly.

    The gay agenda will be taking over.

    They will be coming for the guns and Jesus is dead.

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