Will Lauen Underwood Volunteer Her Nursing Skills in Coronavirus Crisis?

Lauren Underwood

Governor JB Pritzker has urged retired medical personnel to volunteer their services to help cope with the Covid-19 health care overload.

The question popped into my head that this would be an opportunity for Congresswoman Lauren Underwood to demonstrate her nursing skills.

Doing so would certainly result in great publicity.


Will Lauen Underwood Volunteer Her Nursing Skills in Coronavirus Crisis? — 21 Comments

  1. Hey,Lauren, put your money where your mouth is!!!

    Actually do some nursing.

  2. Little nursie, I can see the mailers in October now: “Lauren Underwood selflessly volunteered at a military hospital during the Coronavirus Crisis!”

    But she’ll hide the fact that she only did for a staged half hour as a photo op campaign stunt at the McMurdo Ice Station in Antarctica, which was well isolated from the virus … until she brought w/ her entourage!

  3. Dont give her any ideas Cal—she’d probably end up endangering the innocent if allowed to do direct patient care–seems her main training and experience in Health Care was on the administrative side, working a phone and keyboard—but put her in a Nurses outfit, add a stethoscope, photos in front of a Hospital, and Voila–an instant campaign theme.

    Any ideas for Moo Man?

    He’s probably got more direct hands on “medical” experience through Calf deliveries and Cow needs than Underwood has with people.

  4. Could not imagine that any Head Nurse in hospital unit or hiring manager would want this woman. In all of her campaign literature, bio, etc, there was never any indication that she had any experience serving in a hospital such as in ICU, operating room, surgical unit, etc. In this virus emergency, there is no time available to bring on a novice that would require hands-on training.

  5. She could start her own fake hospital with fake Coronavirus patients miraculously cured because of her Albert Schweitzer-like humanitarianism, wisdom and compassion.

  6. What a marvelous panonply of comments by retarded manchildren who masturbate to fantasies of Donald and Ivanka Trump daddy-daughter action.

    There are 17 MDs in Congress, Cal, including the retarded child of Ron Paul.

    Why don’t you write about them, Cal?

  7. None represent McHenry County.

    Remember the name of the publication.

  8. Lov-ASS, can’t ya take a Coronavirus break and slither back to one of your cesspool nests?

    What’s a ‘panonply’ anyway? Get rid of your flies, first. Then the lice. Then the pus dripping from your left eye. Then the fistulas. Get cleaned up and come back. You’ll feel better about yourself!

    If you do these things, I gotta an unopened bottle of Boone’s Farm for ya.

    Now scat!

  9. When will the imposter nurse adopt the Coronavirus coif?

    She’ll look good in it!

    Kimmy Foxx finally heeded her press agent and changed her hair.

    Fake Nurse would do well to take that cue ….. at least she could wash her hair!

  10. What is wrong with you people?

    What did the GOP do to deserve trump and his brain dead cultists?

    The party of Lincoln is dead and I weep for our country.

  11. I weep for you libtards ‘faraby’. Nobody cares about your obscene ‘hobbies.’

    Covid 19 lifting the veil from many’s eyes.

    Be gone!

  12. Lincoln trashed the Constitution, just like you seek to do with Fatso Pritzker, the toilet tax cheat.

  13. What da ya know. We got morons here, useful idiots, “johns”, who support the fake nurse. No doubt these people faithfully watch, listen to and are highly influenced by the biased and fake news from Chicago and national so-called news outlets.

  14. Agreed.

    She SHOULD volunteer at least 20 hours a week.

    Its not like shes doing anything useful anyway.

    And Ole JB can donate some of his many millions to help those in need rather than sit on his fat @ss and blame the Feds.

    HAD Trump pulled the same restrictions nationwide, you can bet your money the press would have labeled him a dictator and matched him to Hitler and Stalin.

    Obammy had SARS and Ebola and did NOTHING and they praised him as a hero.

    How many sterile gloves will a million buy?

    Or how many loaves of bread can another million buy?

    And you can bet, ANY money Illinois puts out right now will be sucked from an already over burdened tax base.

    Why not LOWER the gas tax, and LOWER other useless social taxes that will help us all out?

    These blowhards are nothing but fraudulent thieves as I see it.

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Wipe the entire system clean and start from scratch like Thomas Jefferson stated every 20 years.

    Move this ancient political cr@p heap out and give some REAL people a shot at it.

    Not just the rich either.

    Go Constitution party!

    Get rid of both these antiquated parties for good.

    NEITHER Lib or Repubs care for anyone, money and bribes rule the day for both parties.

  15. Joey D, the GOP state party elites are so complicit in this Blue State Fraud, they are just as responsible.

    Yes, they all must go!

  16. Good Lord there is a LOT of revisionist history in Joey’s post!

    Despite constant criticism from Dr. Genius Trump, the U.S. Had what- two ebola deaths?

    In fact, ex-president Obama is doing more now than Trump is.

  17. @faraby The party of Kennedy is gone!

    The Democratic President would be a Republican in today’s time!

    The state of Illinois will not recover from this.

    They are losing money hand over fist from the economy and will go into junk bond status.

    Wait til people flee this state even faster!

    Of course people like the Pritzkers and Franks will benefit the most on the downturn!

  18. “In fact, ex-president Obama is doing more now than Trump is.”

    How so?

    You make all these BS statements and never ever back anything up.

  19. Obama is in his pod.

    We have to pay for Secret Service until he tells them to ‘take a hike’ like Billy C. Did and does.

    (Clinton: “No need to accompany me on the Lolita Express.”)

    But the bath houses are closed now, so what’s Obama gonna do?

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