IL-6: Ives Chides House Democrats

From Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives:

Ives Statement on Stymied Emergency Aid Package

“This is not leadership. This is self-serving manipulation.” 

March 23, 2020 – The Senate Democrats have blocked a $2 trillion emergency rescue package to address the coronavirus crisis for the second day in a row.

Per a report in Politico, Nancy Pelosi, Sean Casten and House Democrats have declared they will not vote on the Senate plan at all. 

According to reporting from Morning Consult, Democrat lawmakers – including IL-06 Rep. Sean Casten –  are demanding that any new funding to combat COVID-19 include subsidies to the Green Energy industry. 

“Sean Casten doesn’t let an economic crisis go to waste.

“In the 2008-09 economic crisis, he lobbied for special energy tax credits for his own company, when he also worked as a registered federal lobbyist, and secured millions in tax incentives from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

“Now, he is using this crisis to ask for more tax credits for an industry that already receives preferential treatment through renewable portfolio mandates and state and federal tax incentives.

“Democrats stymied the emergency relief funding package in the Senate in order to write their own bill, which favors special interests. I have spent the past week reaching out to business owners throughout the Sixth Congressional District.

“They all say they need relief within 2 weeks to support payroll, and – in some cases – to keep their doors open in the long term.

“None of them are looking for a bailout, but rather targeted and temporary assistance.

“The response from Sean Casten and Democrats is not leadership. It is self-serving manipulation for the benefit of special interest groups.” 


IL-6: Ives Chides House Democrats — 14 Comments

  1. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”
    Rahm Emanuel

    The Rahm speak is right out of the Propaganda playbook by
    Edward Bernays.

  2. Democrats are holding out for Bicycle/Scooter Toll Lanes and free condoms and needle dispensers for all their big city Hobo Camps aren’t they?

  3. This is good. Ives should beat Casten over the head with this every single day.

  4. Individual stimulus checks should not be sent to public employees with unimpaired salaries, pensions, and health insurance coverage.

    Large corporate bailouts should have many strings attached, to make the pot right for taxpayers.

    Both rewards to publicly employed defined-benefit recipients and corporate bailouts which largely profit inner sanctum individuals are inequitable and create bitter feelings in the aftermath when the bill comes due.

    After this is over, compassion will have been beaten out of survivors who suffered for the benefit of thrivers.

  5. Yeah, give a $500B slush fund to the guy who screwed vets with a fake university and kept the money he promised to cancer kids!

    He’s barred legally from running a n o non-profit foundation!

    We’re gonna trust him to pass this pot of gold around?

    Appoint a special master (like the 9-11 fund), bar any Trump family member or government employees from receiving any money, forbid any corporation who takes funds from buying back stock or raising executive pay for five years- then I’d vote for it.

  6. I would not be surprised if Kvidera can spin his eyebrows counter clockwise and light up his forehead in a flashing “Tilt” sign.

  7. Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard never misses an opportunity to
    make a fool of himself.

    In fact, he takes great pride in his
    idiocy which exemplifies why DEMOCRATS should never be allowed
    anywhere near the levers of power.

    I suspect that he must be related to Sleepy Creepy Slow Joe Biden.

    Other than that, he provides some much needed comic relief for the rest of us.

  8. Any comment from Casten?

    He’s one of the Area’s Congressional reps….

    how about the Nurse?

    Folks need this bail out money, but instead they want to give us solar panels, vote by mail, and Planned Parenthood expansion.

    What are our Representatives saying?

    Casten, Nurse?

    Call your offices for our checks?

  9. Casten made the ridiculous comment that a woman’s abortion is like gall bladder surgery. No respect for life of the unborn.

    Casten, like most Democrats, supports the “destructive rights” of women to have an abortion and to deny life to the human fetus in the womb. Thus,m Casten and Democrats support the destruction of life.

    In contrast, most Republicans are Pro-Life that being the “reproductive rights” of women to reproduce human beings as God and nature had intended.

  10. @Joe idiot #2, It is not a slush fund but I am not sure if you even comprehend that!

    The Corporations are not getting a bail out!

    A bail out is when the company over leveraged its assets and need a bail out because they would go bankrupt if they did not get one!

    Big Corporations want a loan which will be administered by the government you love!

    They want to keep their employees not get rid of them!

    They will pay back the loans to give them equity to get through this.

    The economy was going just fine and Companies were doing quite well but because of the virus they are hurting just like small businesses.

    As President Trump stated he doesn’t want a company getting money to buy back stocks etc.

    I think you have be sniffing to much hair like your buddy Biden!

  11. Bob, it ain’t ‘nurse’ …. it’s fake nurse!

    Abe, you’re not kiddin’ about Joey being low IQ.

    He’ almost a moron— 79 IQ

  12. fools mentions Biden.

    This doofus was on the ABC View this morning. He made a racist forecast that if he were elected president in November (a miracle), he would appoint a person of a particular race and gender to the Supreme Court IF there were a vacancy. This fool, Biden, DID NOT say he would consider any and all existing judges per their QUALIFICATIONS and then select the person most qualified. NO. He made a racist statement saying that he would only consider a person of a particular race and gender. Racist.

    This guy is a dope, incompetent, doofus, and numerous times showing he has mental problems and/or dementia. When will the Democrat Party wake up and realize this guy is 1000 percent incapable of being a president or even responsibly doing the most menial tasks such as janitorial duties of vacuuming carpets and cleaning toilets? Would anybody hire this guy to do spring clean-up, spread mulch and then do lawn cutting in summer?

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