Message of the Day – Synchronization

At Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade the Public Library entry continued its tradition of synchronized book rake pushing.

I don’t know if they were inspired by the now-departred and missed Lawn Chair Guys, but there is a similarity.

Crowd-pleasing book cart marchers.

The Algonquin Area Public Library District also had people pushing book carts, but they were not synchronized.

The entry was a big deal for the Crystal Lake Library, which prepared this float:

CL Library float

In addition, there were marchers behind the float:

There is one parade element in which the Algonquin Area Public Library supporters outdid Crystal Lake.

Friends of its library handed out books to young children.

Perhaps Crystal Lake will follow that example and, maybe, Algonquin will follow Crystal Lake’s synchronization.


Message of the Day – Synchronization — 2 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Kenneally marching around in this parade or was that someone dressed up in a Sideshow Bob costume from The Simpsons ?

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