Jack Franks Robo-Calls

Just in from reader “Hopeful Visitor”:

“Just got a robo call from Jack D Frank’s campaigning again spending our money on robocalls with information that has been out there time and time again.

“He ends his message with “stay safe” as though he really cares about anything but his own political future.

“Just watch his press releases, his comments.

“He’ll repeat the limited vocabulary of JB.

“Listen for the words ‘furious’; and throw out the word ‘folks’; they’re not one of us they’re not one of the guys; they are phonies who see nothing but ambition and running Illinois and McHenry County into the ground.

“Just take little advice mister and do some “social distancing” (which doesn’t seem to be in your playbook) and get the heck out of McHenry County.”

= = = = =

Who paid for the robo-call?


Jack Franks Robo-Calls — 14 Comments

  1. Did he include timely information about “social distancing”? Compared to this time last year, he should be quite the expert now!

  2. If and when Jack starts ‘social distancing’, we will all be safer, especially the women.

  3. I just came across a post on McHenry County blog of August 20th 2018 “Jack Frank seeks taxpayer money to finance name identification enhancement.” It summarizes an article from jmkraft on August 17th 2018; Edgar County Watchdogs had Franks’ number from the beginning.

  4. He may yet get some additional name recognition if the wheels of justice down south turn a bit faster. I doubt that it’s what he had in mind though.

    Gotta wonder if the useful idiots who carried water for him and voted for him will do so if he’s indicted or otherwise charged?

    Just asking [for an early Christmas present] 😉

  5. But yet Trump wasting money on a too late, too little mailer is okay?

  6. Does anyone have the actual recording of the message?

    This post doesn’t really contain much content.

  7. At least it wasn’t some desperate souls begging for me to vote for the chiropractor Rein again.


    Why don’t they get that the party choices don’t matter any anymore??

  8. Too bad he didn’t keep to social distancing when the retrobate was in Springhell.

    Now he says it’s ok to stalk if you keep 6 feet back!

  9. Justen’s doing just fine.

    At his victory party he said ‘I knew I’d win’.

    How did he know?

  10. Oh Eileen to bad there are not more Rein’s out there but the so called Republicans that are to weak in the knees to stand up to Jacko but instead trying to keep their power by getting in bed with Jacko!

    They will be gone soon enough.

  11. Jack said in his call, “if you’re hungry to dial 2-1-1”

    ….Ok thanks Jack.

    What else you have to offer?

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