McHenry Parks Open

From McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett:

Message from Mayor Wayne Jett

McHenry Parks Remain Open with Restrictions

Spring Fever has new meaning this year! Yesterday was the first nice day in McHenry since the Stay at Home Order went into effect. 

With temperatures breaking 50 degrees McHenry saw their fair share of residents out enjoying Mother Nature’s sign that Spring is Coming! 

McHenry has chosen to keep their parks open at this time so long as everyone can follow the below requirements. 

Please remember that we are monitoring all aspects of COVID-19 here in McHenry and McHenry County, so if the situation dictates it, further park restrictions may be enacted at a later time. 

Until then enjoy our outdoor space but please;

  1. Use strong social distancing practices (6 feet or more), and
  2. Limit group gatherings in parks to 10 people or less, and
  3. Follow the no playground rule.

Today City staff will install small signs in and around our parks and playgrounds reminding everyone of these three rules.  Your support with following the outdoor activity rules associated with the Stay at Home Order is what will allows us to keep our parks open.

Stay Safe, take care of your families and support our community!


McHenry Parks Open — 5 Comments

  1. Becareful of our 14million dollar money pit where people go to get killed … death park, that cost the tax payers tons of $$

  2. Wayne Jett, socialist.

    He must go.

    What right does he have to politicize the section 8ers he’s imported along with Low?

  3. Wayne Jett is in league with the disgraced Nicky Provenzano and his kid.

    We don’t need any of that!

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