Republicans Get Requesred State Income Tax Delay

From Governor JB Pritzker:

Senator Dan McConchie commented,

“I want to thank the Governor for heeding our call to extend the income-tax filing deadline. This move will provide needed relief to taxpayers throughout the state of Illinois at this difficult time and bring the state’s deadline in line with that of the federal government. This action will help our residents maintain needed social-distancing and provide financial relief that people can feel immediately.”

State Senator Craig Wilcox added,

“I’m pleased the Governor acted on the Senate Republican’s request to extend the state income tax filing and payment deadline during this unprecedented time of challenge for citizens of Illinois and the nation.

“The Federal government recently moved to delay the Federal tax filing deadline, and our Caucus felt it was only fair and considerate to also delay the state’s tax deadline to the same July 15, 2020 date.

“The delay will help Illinois citizens maintain the recommended social-distancing practices while also easing their concerns about taxes owed. Extending the deadline is a simple act, but it will make a big difference for many people.”

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It’s going to be interesting to see the increase in unpaid bills after April 15th.


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