Coronavirus Cases Up to 35

The McHenry County Department of Health reports a jump from 27 to 35 cases in the last twenty-four hours.

“As of March 26, 2020, there are 35 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 1 death.”


Coronavirus Cases Up to 35 — 9 Comments

  1. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is asking residents to tattle on their neighbors if they believe they are violating the governor’s stay-at-home orde

  2. Our wonderful Chinese friends:

    “Celebrating the epidemic in the U.S. and wishing coronavirus a nice trip to Japan,” a large red banner over the restaurant read, according to the Global Times’ translation.

    Other translations note that the Chinese characters also insult Japan as “little” and hope the virus spread “forever after that [arrival into Japan]”:

  3. Maybe if McHenry would start enforcing housing ordinances this wouldn’t happen.

    Yes, there are illegal aliens living 30-45 in 2 bathroom homes all over the place.

    Not just Mexican nationals either, many East and Southeast Asians!

  4. The question Joey Kook Kvidera, isn’t the source of the news, but the factual basis of the news!

    Why don’t you buzz off to your next Unitarian or PFLAG mtg?

  5. Our nation has been taken from us.

    Even the worm turns.

    Lock and load.

  6. Swing? I could only wish that I had a neighbor as wonderful as you.

  7. Dindu? Colorado has dropped flyers exhorting the fools to turn in their neighbors. They are on total lockdown now. I must remind people of 1933 Germany and they have no clue what I am talking about. Already Illinois has issued “papers” for people they deem esential. The mind controlled people don’t understand when we tell them, “PAPERS PLEASE!” They are too dumb and too brainwashed to get it.

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