IL-14: Oberweis Weighs In on Coronavirus Money Bill

From 14th District GOP congressional candidate Jim Oberweis:

Jim Oberweis’ Statement on $2 Trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

Sugar Grove, IL – Jim Oberweis, Republican candidate for Congress in the 14th District, is issuing the following statement on the $2 Trillion coronavirus stimulus bill being considered in Congress.

“These are indeed trying times for our nation as we face an invisible enemy that strikes indiscriminately and without warning. Government should first and foremost ensure the safety of the population which involves not only guarding against the coronavirus but also protecting citizens who have been hit hard economically by mandated government shutdowns of local business.

Congress appears to be finally acting and while I certainly believe Congressional action is necessary, I am concerned about the long-term implications of this legislation. My preference would have been to more narrowly focus on the people and the businesses most affected by the current crisis. Increasing and extending unemployment benefits to those workers laid off from their jobs through no fault of their own would have provided the workers with the greatest needs with sustained help to get them through the crisis. Instead of spending money on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, we should be focusing on helping families in need with more than just a one-time check.

The coronavirus stimulus bill is not perfect (and all too often that is the case with legislation in Washington, D.C.) but the intent behind the bill is something we all can get behind.

We need to be focused on what is next. When are businesses going to re-open? Which businesses will be allowed to come back online first? What kinds of regulations will these businesses have to follow once open? We need to be thinking long-term and unfortunately the bill being considered now is a short-term solution to what is looking to be a longer-term problem.

As is often the case when it comes to legislation in Washington D.C., good intentions quickly descend into pork barrel spending and giveaways, all at taxpayer expense and the coronavirus relief bill is certainly no exception. It is time to change the culture in Washington. There are people who need relief, but we also need to mindful of the impact all of this deficit spending will have on future generations. Let’s help the people who need it but let’s end the pork barrel spending and waste.


IL-14: Oberweis Weighs In on Coronavirus Money Bill — 16 Comments

  1. Anyone think the US dollar will crash in value?

    Also, look at WTI & Brent oil.

    It looks like we have more to worry about than the Coronavirus

  2. Dear cow milker Oberweis: I agree that not everything is perfect in Washington, but that will change once you make it to Capitol Hill. In any case, is there any relationship from this democrat hoax to the Mad Cow disease? Please provide specifics. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug your neighbor, tic, tock, tic, tock, moooooooooooooooooooooo…

  3. Paul Revere, alias Diane Evertsen, time grow up.

    Quit crying and resign!

  4. Idiot loser Oberweis only mentions business, no concern for the health of Americans affected by covid-19.

  5. He’s right about the JFK Performing ARts Center and PBS getting a cut of this Bill’s money, absolute WASTE that helps no one but rich hoity toity Dem types.

    Have never seen a Conservative Performer honored at that Dump—will be no need to give to WTTW during their begging drives anymore either.

    Just reference this Bill when they beg.

    Nice touch on Angels part ending his tic tock nonsense with a Mooooooooooo instead of a Meoooooooowwwwww…

  6. I stopped to giving to WTTW many moons ago.

    A lot of propaganda, I don’t need.

  7. I agree that this was an incredible WASTE of $.

    But do you know the rest of the story???

    The Kennedy Center has a bipartisan board of trustees, which includes first lady Melania Trump!!!!

    The President said:

    “I’m a fan of that,” Trump said of the funding. “I haven’t spent time there because I’m far too busy. I’d love to go there evenings, but I’m too busy doing things.” “The Kennedy Center, they do a beautiful job, an incredible job,” he added.

    check it out…

    Dem type?

    Absolutely NOT!

    Trump type?


  8. More facts from the bill you may not have heard of. Here’s one you can thank McConnell for….

    Better, faster sunscreen

    Special deal: Tucked in the final bill is language ensuring that the FDA reviews newer and more novel ingredients for over-the-counter sunscreen products in a timely fashion.

    How they got it:

    The shout-out for sunscreen is part of a long-awaited effort to reform the over-the-counter drug industry, added to the rescue bill amid backing from that industry and various health groups.

    Besides expanding FDA oversight of over-the-counter products, the provision would streamline the process to change safety labels.

    Legislation has passed the House and Senate in various forms over the past two years.

    Last year the Senate easily passed a bill in a 91-2 vote.

    In addition to the over-the-counter reforms, the final relief package makes some updates to the Sunscreen Innovation Act, a 2014 bill co-sponsored by McConnell and signed into law by former President Barack Obama.

    In a statement at the time, McConnell lamented the slow review of applications for sunscreen ingredients that could potentially be more effective at protecting skin, adding that the bill will benefit Kentucky workers that manufacture “innovative sunscreen ingredients at facilities” in the state.

    I am all for safer more effective and environmentally friendly sunscreen products.

    There was NO good reason to tie this to the stimulus package.

    TRUMP type?


  9. Democrat so-called leader Nancy Pelosi, actual a mis-leader, one who misled, wanted to put all kinds of pork barrel nonsense into the current bill which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Chinese Virus. Hopefully when this is all over by time we get to the Nov election, American voters should remember Nancy’s misdeeds, including her approval of the impeachment Kangaroo Court, and put her out of power. Do this by overwhelmingly electing a massive number of Republicans to be the majority in the U.S. House of Representative. Nancy should quit her position and devote her time to taking care of the thousands of homeless in her California district. Take care of the filth in the streets, used needles, feces, garbage, etc in San Fran streets. Oh, and she could still have time to bake cookies and sit in her rocking chair.

  10. You really are a complete fool if you think you will ever again see an election (They were never real in the first place!). You are living under Communism now. Your time is very much wasted on pipe dreams of fixing a completely failed system that has taken every right away from you while you huddle in your dark houses and keep believing in some plan. You totally missed the war they declared on you and you are still tap dancing to Satan’s dance. It’s over. You have been totally brainwashed to accept the new world order that is now a reality.

  11. Cindy, are you saying the president is a communist?

    I really want to understand the details in your thoughts….

  12. Read the Milkman’s press release twice, basically says nothing…

  13. Here is something that is in the Coronavirus money bill;

    A provision for the FDA to approve “innovative” sunscreens—that happen to be made in Florence, Ky., by L’Oreal—appeared in the bill, which was steered in the Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

  14. Really dentbla, he’s a politician, none of them ever say anything including your precious democrats.

    Nancy, are you new to politics.

    That crap goes on all the time.

    Pelosi in the house version tried to slip in DACA protection which has nothing to do with this pandemic.

  15. Oberweiss will never sell you out.

    Just as the cool satisfying menthol flavor of Newports will never sell you out.

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