Message of the Day – Cell Phones

From someone who accesses more internet sites than I:

“I finally realized it.

“People are prisoners of their phones, that’s why they are called cell phones.”


Message of the Day – Cell Phones — 5 Comments

  1. The word cell isn’t just about jails.

    I think it has more to do with a single unit.

    Your cell phone is your personal phone.

    Think of a cell in a spreadsheet, a cell in the body, a jail cell.

    Cell phones don’t trap you per se though.

    I have a phone and barely check it!

    People are prisoners to their own dopamine rush addictions, which they get from the bells and lights and likes from the phone. You don’t have to be an addict to drugs, pornography, or your “smart” phone.

    You can break the cycle.

  2. How nice it was in recent past to be able to go to doctor office, dentist office, car dealership, etc and sit in waiting room and reading a magazine while all others were staring intently into their smart(?) phones while exercising their fingers.

  3. Didn’t NSA director Clapper lie to congress about not surveilling US citizens’ phones?

  4. Yes. Clapper lied. That was perjury. He should have been charged and prosecuted. Always thought this guy was a stooge of Democrats and Obama.

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