Coronavirus Cases Up to 46 in McHenry County

From the McHenry County Department of Public Health:

“As of March 26, 2020, there are 46 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 1 death.”

Yesterday, it was thirty-five.


Coronavirus Cases Up to 46 in McHenry County — 13 Comments

  1. This is all a ruse to hide the rollout of 5G which will actually (unlike the fake wireus) be deadly!
    Crystal Lake, How does this happen? Why are we not storming city hall and demanding they take this crap off of our water tower? You have the time now that they have taken your livelihood away. If not now, when?

  2. Starting to doubt the reports—nothing else given to back it up except what a Govt “spokesperson” tells us..

    Start with the Zip Code and maybe we’ll have more faith in you.

    Right now it looks awfully suspicious—

    Are 47 being handled by McHenry County based hospitals?

    Are there enough ICU beds, protection, ventilators?

    Guess we’re not allowed to ask, we’re supposed to just stay inside, shut up and listen to whatever number some spokesperson throws at us.

    They’re not Helping the Public playing this Privacy game.

  3. I’m not asking to be a dic*, because I can do that quite easily.

    I’m just wondering what having ZIP code information for COVID-19 victims is going to do for anyone?

    How will it change your daily behaviors?

    Will it make you more or less safe?

    Will it make the curve flatten-out and go away more quickly?

    Enlighten me.

  4. Orange, it’s info that’s being suppressed, like the racial and age group info of supposed infectees.

  5. In our fake news country, the truth about this virus is being covered up. Why is that?

    What do Africans know that we can’t dare hear? Why are African countries telling East Asians to get out?

    They can’t possibly be racist, right?

  6. What harm would it do for the government to release the information?

  7. McGoochie – an article from almost two months ago before COVID-19 hit here? Before it really hit Italy? Cool story.

    Over 2000 people have died here. Over 10,000 in Italy. Almost entirely since that article was written.

    Try again.

  8. Nothing posts timely in here. We are being shadowbanned in real-time yet we have things like this that “they” use on us.

    AND the morons STILL think I am the one that is the nut case? Really think about how stupid you are insisting on staying while the whole world gets locked down for the antiChrist system.

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