MacMurray College Closing

One of Illinois liberal arts colleges, MacMurray College,founded by the Methodist Church in 1846, is shutting down.

Dear Alumni,

I write today to share very sad news:

The Board of Trustees of MacMurray College has voted unanimously to close the college at the end of the semester in May.

To view the video announcement, please visit

Although your recent gifts helped significantly with cash flow, the Board ultimately determined that your alma mater had no viable financial path forward amid

  • declining enrollments,
  • rising competitive costs, and
  • an insufficient endowment.

The Board spent more than a year exploring financial scenarios and potential new sources for capital.

A new strategic plan was developed to broaden MacMurray’s professional degree programs and reach more non-traditional students, but the significant amount of capital required to fund it could not be secured.

Although the current pandemic and the resulting economic disruption further complicated MacMurray’s financial condition, they were not the principal reasons for the Board’s decision to close.

Together with my team, we are working to ensure seamless transitions for our 527 students to one of seven nearby colleges and universities this fall.

While it is my hope to provide one more opportunity for you to gather and celebrate your Highlander legacy, Illinois’ Stay At Home Order has resulted in our campus being closed.

Students moved back home earlier this month, and are being taught online by our dedicated faculty and staff.

MacMurray has not made a decision on commencement, which is scheduled for May 9, but will do so as soon as possible and will be guided by orders from state authorities regarding public health and public gatherings.

I encourage you to visit the speical website, for answers to alumni-specific questions and all ongoing updates.It is a privilege to steward MacMurray as it completes its mission.

With sympathy and encouragement,

Beverly E. Rodgers, PhD


MacMurray College Closing — 11 Comments

  1. 32% of their current student body is Chinese.

    Other Asians make up another 9%.

    I count Turks as Asians.

  2. I attended MacMurray for two years (1966-1968) and MAC provided me with a good education and an opportunity to play basketball and baseball.

    I did transferred to NIU to get a degree in accounting.

    In recent years I have been meeting annually for a golf trip with three MAC classmates/graduates, two of whom are medical doctors.

    Illinois College with 1048 students is also in Jacksonville, IL.

    IC has a $148 million endowment fund and MAC zero

  3. **32% of their current student body is Chinese. Other Asians make up another 9%. I count Turks as Asians.**

    What is your point?

  4. Maybe the point is these aliens ain’t gonna prop up a third rate school no more.

  5. There will be many more folding up Chinese propped up colleges.

    At least the MacMurry Board was honest and pulled the plug properly before even bigger losses.

  6. My brother went to MacMurray.

    He said the place was ‘unrecognizable’ when he returned in 2012 or 13,

    He said he thought he was in Hong Kong.

  7. ** He said he thought he was in Hong Kong.**


    HK’s population is only 1/3 Asian?

    And unrecognizable?

    Because some students don’t look like your brother.


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