Northwest Herald Retrogesses

First the Northwest Herald went from a newspaper to a tabloid.

Now, it is dropping the Sunday edition, combining Saturday with Sunday’s doe delivery on Saturday, as the Chicago Daily News once did.

The Daily News, however, had a front page story worth reading…heavy investigative reporting.

Here is what the NWH wrote:

“In response to the ongoing crisis Shaw Media’s print schedule has changed:

“The print edition of the Northwest Herald will continue its normal publication schedule Monday through Friday.

“The Saturday and Sunday editions will be combined as a single edition and delivered on Saturday.”


Northwest Herald Retrogesses — 18 Comments

  1. More a matter of survival.

    When does the NWH go all digital?

    My bet, 14 months

  2. If it wasn’t for this glorious sunshine blog (the shining city in the journalism hill), journalism would be dead. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. Come on, the NWH probably can’t get the paper anyway, toilet paper shortage after all.

  4. what a shame…where, oh where, did all the good newspapers go?

    Even if the NWH was a good paper..their delivery sucks,

    I would get a paper from some time to most of the time but never all the time

    I am thinking I might sign up for their digital ..but their reporting sucks also

    they need a good investigative reporter ..

    and keep us all informed on old and currant cases

    then and only then I might subscribe

  5. You guys are thinking too small saying they should switch from paper to digital.

    I’ll do you one better: just get rid of it period.

    No Northwest Herald, at all!

  6. I can’t wait till it closes down completely.

    They’ve recently hired some reportorial duds.

  7. The Herald is worse than Yahoo or The National Enquire if that’s possible.

    Perhaps if they hired actual reporters and a real Editorial staff they be profitable.

    Perhaps hiring an actual Investigative Reporter instead of College kids would lend credibility.

    I saw the term “slap dicks” mentioned and in my opinion a spot on assessment.

  8. Soon it’ll go ‘poof’ — not w/a bang but a whimper.

    Phony ace-reporter Eddie Kommenda said the rag was a ‘no future’ paper and he high-tailed it to Las Vegas.

  9. NW Herald still in circulation?


    Thought they folded years ago.

  10. Cal, it’s been ‘retrogressing’ since 1985! Soon it will no longer create fake news and division in our community. Soon we will finally be free. When the head case Petersen ran things, I didn’t think it could sink any lower.

    I was sadly mistaken. They alienated their base. So sad! They wanted $350 for my Mom’s obit. I said it was too high. Then they said $250. I hung up.

  11. Let’s have a big Party when it finally dies.

    A celebration of new life for the area.

    The hilarious thing is that Styf comes here all the time (Fair Play?) combing for stories because his own reporters are so dense.

  12. No Mr. Goochie, not a party, a blow-out luau.

    With grass skirted hula girls and lots of poi and roasted pig!

    I’ll supply the gin and rum!

    Let’s go big and really celebrate!!!

    I’ll bring a Styf-Piñata, filed with lies wrapped around snickers bars.

    It’ll be so fab!

  13. Styf is in the Mayor of Crystal Lake’s back pocket IMO.

    When is the last time this fishwrap has published anything that’s either challenged the City or showed it in a negative context?

    It’s Shanghai or Oz as far as Styf is concerned!

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