Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

Found a whole family wearing T-Shirts with this message at Disney World’s Japan restaurant:

Mel 1926-1999

Twenty years ago, a grandfather named Mel died of a massive heart attack in the mens’ room at the Coral Reef Restaurant.

Returning during last Thanksgiving Week, all the family members were wearing T-shirts with the following message:

If ever there comes a day

When we can’t get together,

Keep me in your heart

I’ll stay there forever.

In memory of Mel, 1826-1999.


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  1. Thanks Cal for posting poetry in these somber times , strongest truths come from the fewest words.
    Jesus says “FEAR NOT!” That is why I use my true name, Gary Christ (pronounced krist) here and my many letters to the editor. I quit writing LTE after the editorial editor Mr. Richard Petersen, was replaced with someone who casterated, then published without my notice. Dick would have the courtesy to call me if there was any issue. As a gentleman would.
    That is why THIS BLOG is so important because if we simply do not exercise our God Given Unalienable Rights, just like our own bodies muscles, become weak and weaker. I know this firsthand, being over 60!
    Think of it this way, suppose you arm yourself with a weapon to protect your household, armed assailants break into your place…. but ya forgot where your weapon was last. True he possesses a weapon, but totally useless if he can’t find it. Now the assailants have full control, and they gag you.
    How much plainer can I put it, fellow Americans?
    The same government who declares a single pristine lead bullet, found laying on Gov. Connely gurney, was the same one that passed through Pres. Kennedy before hitting Connely, is proof that Oswald did it. Lead bullets flatten, mushroom after impact, except that particular one on that particular day.
    The Day the Nuns Cried would be the title of vignette, depicting that dreadful day day when we came into St. Thomas school after a rousing “RedRover” game. Our Dear Sisters were crying! Never see a grownup cry, it was depressing for me, could not really grasp the tragedy, being in first grade . Come home and my dear Mother was crying….TV on. My world changed for us all!
    Please research Pres. Kennedy’s speeches and his warning about secret societies. Also Pres. Eisenhower’s Warnings of the MIC military/industrial complex. These great presidents were war heroes, please heed their warnings.
    40 years later, the same government provides as evidence the passport of one of the hijackers, proof that he did it. Couldn’t find the bright orange flight recorders….happens a lot in NYC.
    Today we are to believe an invisible enemy has caused the breakdown of society as we know it.
    According to the most brilliant doctor Shiva, the best protection is a healthy lifestyle and building up your immune system. The ultimate goal is for the pharmaceutical companies to make money with vaccines that carry no liability for the sellers.
    No way can I summarize Dr. Shiva’s knowledge on this matter, he is truly a genius, inventor of email at the age of 14, holds four Phd’s. Running for Senate against Sen.Warren. Supernaturally brilliant, born into the lowest caste system in Bombay, son of farmers, emigrated here, Listen to him, please.
    I now live outside McHenry Co. but my desire and purpose to spread God’s Love and Peace by doing what we can to serve one another.
    Thirty years ago Cal came to visit my NFP Stepping Stone Foundation which consisted of small shelters on my 5 acre ‘ranch’ in Woodstock.
    Today the homeless population has increased dramatically, so I am reaching out to a few organizations that might be able to help. If you can design a better shelter for less money, please let me know.
    My earliest shelters used discarded tires as horizontal blocks tensioned in a steel rebar frame.
    The tires provided ballast, heat sink, insulation and a ‘perfect’ fastening surface for screws.
    The walls were sheathed with steel siding, the floors a vapor barrier and used tires with plywood on top. This is a good floor if you are in a shelterless situation, easy to find components.
    Also built nice shelters from straw bales, but my best one is my latest one.

    I would consider myself a coward if I did not alert you and protect you with my God Given Unalienable Rights! Thank God for Cal and his family that put up with him! Stay well and God Bless!!! Gary Christ

  2. Why is the fellow, presumably the deceased ‘Mel’ in silhouette holding the hand of Angel Lavonne-llama?

    It’s really, really creepy!

    Cal quit trying to scare people1

  3. Gary, you must be commended!

    Hanno, are you certain it’s Angel?

    Looks more like Franks to me?

  4. No, please do not commend me, I have had a wonderfully blessed life with outstanding parents who encouraged independent thought.

    Living in McHenry Co. is in the paraphrased words of a Japenese/American well known in the area for his environmental efforts as well as in the Rotary club: As close to heaven as there is on Earth.

    Something like that.

    The more blessings we are granted, the greater responsibility it is to sow into God’s Kingdom.

    It gives one a greater peace.

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