Nick Chirikos Explains His Side of the Local 150 Algonquin Township Road District Firing Abitration

A comment from former Democratic Party McHenry County Board member Nick Chirikos, who was fired from his Algonquin Township Road District job the day that Andrew Gasser took office from Bob Miller:

Nick Chirikos

“Allow me to explain.

“‘Mitigated damages’ is legal speak for the difference between what I would have earned as an employee of Algonquin Township, and what I actually earned during that period after I was terminated.

“I earned significantly more money after termination, therefore, I was not eligible to collect back pay.

“It’s as simple as that.

“As for my out-of-state job assignment, The tentative date for my arbitration hearing would have required a round-trip flight back to Chicago (at my expense) on the hope that Gasser’s attorney would honor the date, which he has canceled the last three times.

“Based on these facts, I saw no point in pursuing the matter any further.

“I instructed the union’s legal team to withdraw the grievance.

“It was exclusively my decision.

“There is no truth to the assertion that I was fired for not having a CDL.

“There were no grounds for any terminations on the first day of Gasser’s term as road commissioner.

“He simply refused to acknowledge the existing collective bargaining agreement.

“As with the other arbitration wins and orders of reinstatement, I am confident I would have won mine.

“I hope that this clarifies your understanding of the issue, if understanding is on your agenda.”


Nick Chirikos Explains His Side of the Local 150 Algonquin Township Road District Firing Abitration — 9 Comments

  1. What a chump.

    He’s the guy who said global warming will destroy the earth by 2020.

  2. It was Nick’s no show job!

    At least Andrew stopped that POS from sucking one dime out!

    Good for you Andrew!

    If Nick was making so much money why the need to be on the payroll?

  3. He only got the job in the first place because he is a Bob Miller crony.

    NOBODY believes he was wrongfully terminated, and he just admitted that he gave up on the lawsuit.

  4. Chirikos, go infest some other place, you can fling your feces there

  5. If there’d been any Justice, he’d have been stuck with someone of the legal savey and skill of Bernard P. Fife Attorney At Law or Patrick D. Kenneally as the difference would have likely been negligible in my opinion.

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