Coronavirus Comparisons Between US and Europe

This comes from Gateway Pundit:

The US with an estimated population of 330 million was compared to the 336 million combined estimated population of Germany (81 million), France (66 million), the United Kingdom (65 million), Italy (61 million), Spain (46 million) and the Netherlands (17 million). Source: World Population Review.

The US has as of mid-day Tuesday has about 165,000 cases and 3,186 deaths.

The six most populous nations in Western Europe have about 345,000 cases and 26,394 deaths.

Trump instituted travel bans targeting most European nations in mid-March.

Western Europe broken down by country with population and cases rounded (source: Worldometer):

  • Germany (81 million) Cases 68,000 Deaths 682
  • France (66 million) 44,000 Deaths 3,024
  • United Kingdom (65 million) Cases 25,000 Deaths 1,789
  • Italy (61 million) Cases 102,000 Deaths 11,591
  • Spain (46 million) Cases 94,000 Deaths 8,269
  • Netherlands (17 million) Cases 12,000 Deaths 1,039

Another way of examining is by cases and deaths per million (via Worldometer).

US cases per million: 500 (five hundred per million). Deaths per million: 10 (ten per million).

  • Germany cases per million: 814. Deaths per million: 8.
  • France cases per million: 683. Deaths per million: 46.
  • United Kingdom: cases per million: 370. Deaths per million: 26.
  • Italy cases per million: 1,683. Deaths per million: 192.
  • Spain cases per million: 2,019. Deaths per million: 177.
  • Netherlands cases per million: 753. Deaths: 61.

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The AP reports three nations, Italy, France and Spain, are not keeping track of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes, leading to an under count in those nation’s handling of the virus.


Coronavirus Comparisons Between US and Europe — 8 Comments

  1. At least one hospital in UK has very limited orders for coronavirus patients who go into cardiac arrest.

    Not sure if Nationwide but scary.

  2. Stats are all over the place. Panic inducing. I see articles about staying home for years? (Seriously)

    The riots, suicides, homicides, drug overdoses, starvation, increased heart attacks due to stress, increased cancer due to stress plus the total destruction of wealth will be worse than a plague.

    Not to mention young people are giving up their formative years where they may have met a mate, had children to keep humanity going.

    Children who can’t be touched by their own family members and lack the physical intimacy will grow up to be serial killers.

    WHO, CDC, and others are constantly changing their story wear a mask don’t wear a mask, the death rate is this it’s that.

    We need extreme lockdown measures oh but you can go to McDonalds.

    Mixed messages everywhere.

    Rent is due for some not due for others.

    People who were not laid off are still getting a check from the government.

    Congress can’t meet in person for several weeks because they are too stupid to figure out remote voting.

    Failed leadership everywhere.

    It’s like living in a nightmare, constantly.

  3. All lies to promote the greatest hoax perpetrated on the world since the beginning of time. Engage your critical thinking.

  4. South Korea.

    Had first confirmed case same day as U.S.

    Population of 51 million, packed into an area roughly the size of Indiana.

    Confirmed cases of 9887, confirmed deaths of 165.

    That’s a rate of roughly 3.23 deaths per million people.

    That is 1/3 the death rate of the US, despite being a more crowded country closer to the epicenter of the spread. And they are on the downside of their curve.

    They tested right away and took measures right away.

    We should be doing much better.

  5. Well, Cindy, the collapse of the world economy was going to happen this year or next year at the latest since everything is built on a house of cards and people are waking up to the funny money game.

    We’re overdue for a recession if you just look at historical trends.

    An “act of God” such as a “novel virus” is a much more convenient way to justify the economic robbery, the hyper-stratification of wealth that is about to take place (you think it’s bad now?

    just wait until you start hearing reports about cannibalism in “first world” countries), along with justification for extreme police state measures.

    Biometrics, abolition of paper money, constant tracking of movement, etc.

    Draconian taxes and debt that can never get paid off.

    You think the Satanic banking system had us by the balls before?

    Worse, the only counterbalance to this current world order seems to be a Chinese world order which is equally or more terrifying, or some kind of compromise position between the Anglo and Chinese systems.

    Are you hearing about a “liquidity crisis” in the news?

    That’s an Orwellian euphemism for “bank run.”

    They literally have to STOP the entire stock market regularly because of the massive sell offs hitting “triggers.”

    They pump credit into the system to bolster the system, and the stocks still go down.

    Their funny money game is being exposed, and there has been talk for a long time about getting the USD OUT as the world reserve currency.

    Will it be yuan?

    Will it be a whole new currency?

    What kind of predatory loans will the World Bank and IMF dish out to failing economies to enslave them more, sell off their commons to oligarchs?

    Convenient way to do lots of things at once, including a massive die-off of humans which is what you hear constantly from elites, academics, environmentalists, anti-natalists.

    They have doomsday bunkers.

    They have seed vaults.

    They PATENT genetic information of seeds.

    The whole world is owned by a SICK cabal of people.

    Right now there seems to be a struggle for that power, but is it all a show?

    Is it controlled opposition?

    Are the alternatives better?

    What kind of world will we live in after we get around the bell curve?

    I’m not optimistic, but as always I hope I am wrong.

  6. But there are indeed alternative systems.

    And when the US breaks up, we’ll start seeing them in action.

    BTW the old speaker of the house was pelted w/ eggs by angry citizens in Racine 2 days ago.

    That’ll be mild treatment if he dares to hang around here in 9 mos. or so.

    He should get a disguise and try to get to Ontario.

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