DuPage & Lake County Health Departments Provide Covid-19 Geographic Data, McHenry County Won’t

McHenry County’s Health Department won’t tell residents where those infected with coronavirus, but DuPage and Lake County’s do.

Below is a template that I believe DuPage would share with McHenry County, if asked.

DuPage County Coronavirus map.

Here is what Lake County makes public:

Dashboard FAQs

  1. How do I use the interactive map?
  2. What does the dark blue color on the map mean?
  3. Why is there a higher concentration of cases in southeastern Lake County?
  4. Are there cases of COVID-19 in my community?

The New York Times reports there is a debate about data release.


DuPage & Lake County Health Departments Provide Covid-19 Geographic Data, McHenry County Won’t — 9 Comments

  1. McHenry County Health Department has absolutely failed the taxpayers in providing this information.

    It is their duty and obligation to tell residents in which zip codes affected COVID-19 patients are. I

    n speaking with a MCDH nurse recently, it was disheartening to hear that MCDH has no plans on being as transparent as other counties.

    Shame on you, MCDH…the taxpayers deserve better!

  2. Hopefully Patrick D. Kenneally gets it along with Franks, Sager and Shepley.

    The “D” likely stands for “Doesn’t wash his hands”.

  3. McHenry can’t comply bc the affirmative action staff simply can’t run anything. Hello?

  4. Apparently, once the count went higher than 10 fingers, their math skills maxed out and their ability to keep track got ahead of them.

    What a backwards way of thinking in an age where data is king.

  5. For once I agree w/ Peter Austin.

    The McHenry Health Dept is staffed by incompetents.

  6. Health Dept lost any credibility years ago during the McCollum Lake fiasco.

    Fiasco doesn’t adequately describe the heartbreak and loss of life, sorry.

  7. McHenry County Health Dept should be shutdown, These people aren’t even showing up for work.

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