McHenry County Up to 65 Diagnosed with Coronavirus

Here is the latest information from the McHenry County Department of Health:

“As of March 31, 2020, there are 65 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 2 deaths.”

The Department still refuses to follow the example of DuPage and Lake Counties and inform by providing information by location.


McHenry County Up to 65 Diagnosed with Coronavirus — 27 Comments

  1. All lies and subterfuge. A family member that works in a major medical facility called yesterday to inform me that they and most of staff were laid off as of yesterday. Hospitals are empty. Empty! When does that happen? Ghost towns. Yet, we have the bs artists stirring the fear pot and putting out all kinds of false information. Do NOT ever believe anything coming from any government entity! THERE is no planned demic!

  2. That’s weird, Cindy, because yesterday my cell phone got an emergency text asking the reserve army of medical labor to help the hospitals. States, including the ones dominated by Democrats, are waiving all sorts of qualifications and regulations so that they increase the labor pool for hospitals.

  3. The hospital at McCormick Place is hiring healthcare workers for $10k a week. Cindy’s contact must be from the middle of nowhere just like her conspiracy theories.

  4. When is the fat man going to open up Hyatt hotels as temporary hospitals. plenty of beds not being used.

  5. I am starting to wonder if “Cindy” is a creation of Cal’s in order to drive views to his blog.

    I know that I am guilty of reading the blog just to get a laugh from “Cindy”‘s posts.

  6. Militiamen and gangmembers in Brazil are ENFORCING lockdowns because the government won’t.

    Prisoners are rioting all over the world.

    Mental institutions and nursing homes are seeing outbreaks.

    Any credible conspiracy theory would involve this being a bioweapon, not this being “fake.”

  7. In areas where the virus has not hit yet, the hospitals are not busy at all.

    That is true.

    Elective surgeries are cancelled and nobody wants to go to the ER unless afraid they have the virus or are very sick.

    In these areas, the virus is slowly encroaching.

    Everyone is praying the numbers will stay very low but chances are against this as people from the city go to these areas to get away.

    Cindy’s family member is very lucky and I pray it will hold.

    Thank God most people don’t think like Cindy and are trying hard to help stop the spread.

    Heard today a guy I worked with years ago passed away from the virus.

  8. **A family member that works in a major medical facility called yesterday to inform me that they and most of staff were laid off as of yesterday.**

    Come on Cindy, name the hospital.

    Name these hospitals that are empty.

    But, I do know that some hospitals are struggling financially because they cannot do elective surgeries – which is where a large chunk of their money comes from.

    When doctors and hospitals cannot provide their normal services, money dries up and creates strain on the system even WHEN coronavirus is also overloading the system.

    But keep trying, Cindy.

    ** THERE is no planned demic!**

    If there is no planned demic, how was it planned?

    **When is the fat man going to open up Hyatt hotels as temporary hospitals. **

    You do know that JB doesn’t own Hyatt, right?

  9. Liquidator, $10K a week really?

    When my daughter called, they said an RN on 12 hr shift would get $10k A MONTH and free lodging/meals.

  10. Cindy’s right about 1 thing. We’re not being told the Truth.

  11. Correcting? AND none of those people will be called up. I see lots of people that say they got calls for being on the list for emergency deployment. None of them have been contacted past that. And none of them will. There is NO emergency and there is no crises. Only the mind-controlled du,b as a box of hammers people that run around wearing silly masks think what the mainstream is telling them is real. It is all a grand hoax. If you could actually engage your brain for a moment and use your God-given critical thinking you could see past the lies. (Wasn’t meaning you, personally.) Wake up, foolish people. They are pulling the wool over your eyes once again and you are extremely acting in ways that are dangerous to all of humanity. While you are sitting around being bored, pick up a copy of “1984” and let it sink in. This is 1984 on steroids!

  12. About the truth.

    Kind of confusing when top, TOP, medical experts have been telling we peons on TV news programs that N95 masks worn while shopping will not protect us from someone encountered there who has the virus. But, on the other hand, they say that N95 masks do work and are effective when worn by doctors and nurses caring for virus victims in the hospital. Doctors and nurses cannot get enough of these. Their hospitals did not plan for “A” pandemic as was required by law. N95 Works in the hospital, but not at Costco.

  13. Denial is real.

    I know this is a scary time but denying the pandemic is not the answer.

  14. Cindy AKA Pam Whitsen, doesn’t even live in McHenry County.

    She should stop her fake propaganda!

  15. You SJW people are cheering on worldwide tyranny which will be bloody by the time you see the light (if ever). You are very dangerous to humanity as a whole with your mind-controlled belief in the lies they are pounding into you. Wake up before it is too late to save anyone.

  16. Don’t be afraid, Cindy.

    Denial is understandable but not good for you.

  17. You fools are welcoming worldwide tyranny with open arms. AND the really brain dead keep trying to make snide remarks about me. You have not only allowed the new world order to take a foothold, but you are amazingly cheering it on. If you had any brains whatsoever you would refuse to close your businesses. What are they going to do? Call their bluff, you nitwits! Not even a whiff of bravado in the whole bunch of you cowards. There is not a bit of truth to what they are shoveling, but you are going to let them destroy everything you ever worked for because they have you running in circles like chickens with their heads cut off. You were already mind-controlled because you refused to turn off their teevee programming you to be an idiot, and now they have you fear-stricken stupid. AND that makes me the crazy one? Guess no one remembers 1933 Germany. You are now the Jews that branded themselves with hexagrams.

  18. BTW for the nitwits that keep thinking they are funny: my family member works at one of the top FIVE LARGEST US Health systems.

  19. Doesn’t matter the health system, but where the facility is located and the virus numbers in that area.

    Again, in an area where virus numbers are currently low, the hospitals will be very quiet for obvious reasons that I previously stated.

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