Department Unions Praise Sheriff Bill Prim’s Coronavirus Action

From the two unions who represent most of the employees of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office:


Department Unions Praise Sheriff Bill Prim’s Coronavirus Action — 11 Comments

  1. Are these the fruitloops that cordoned off the children’s playgrounds?

  2. More ass-clownery from your self -proclaimed Public Sector Virus Heroes.

    Meanwhile that $10 hour Aldi Cashier, will have more public contact in one shift, than any of those goofs will see in 6 months.

  3. Aldi pays a lot more than $10. Those are great employees.
    You don’t think jailers have contact with their “guests?”

  4. Shut up.
    Thank you McHenry County Sheriffs Department, Deputies, Corrections Officers, Court Deputies, Dispatchers,
    Garage personnel, and all others at the McHenry County Government Center for all your efforts in keeping the public safe!

  5. Prim the Unions’ poster sugar daddy! Taxpayers beware.

    How’s that special housing compound for Sheriff’s Deputies’ family’s coming near Hebron?

    It’s for when the SHTF . In other words soon.

  6. Coltle? Keeping the pubic safe? LOL There is no more public. You are now an official slave. Truly unbelievable that you blind sheep do not see what you have done.

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