Will County Provides Coronavirus Map

Another suburban county has done what the McHenry County Health Department refuses to do:

Provide a map showing locations of Covid-19 infections.

Will County offers this explanation of its map:

“This GIS MAP is being shared to provide general locations in areas of the county. The dots were made large enough so as not to provide any identifiable specific locations.”

McHenry County has a Cracker Jack GIS Department.

It could do the same.

Kane County, according to the Tribune, “does not list the number of known infected people per community, but county officials said they are working on a way to report that.”


Will County Provides Coronavirus Map — 3 Comments

  1. The map kinda shows that where there are people, there is Covid-19???

    That is what we all should be thinking anyway.

  2. The silence factor on this within McHenry County is appalling.

    Simple data showing where and how people contracted this could help immensely.

    What’s the huge secret McHenry?

  3. The huge secret is nobody’s dying in the hysteria hyped ‘crisis’

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