122 Coronavirus Cases Discovered in McHenry County

Today’s Covid-19 report from the McHenry County Department of Health:

“As of April 4, 2020, there have been 122 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 3 deaths.”

Still no map showing the distribution of the infection.


122 Coronavirus Cases Discovered in McHenry County — 4 Comments

  1. seriously? Then let’s take another look at that Italian report on those dying with (not of) Covid-19.

    The report tells us that the median age of those who have been pronounced dead with (not of) Covid-19 is 78. To put that number in perspective, the average life expectancy in Italy is 82.8.

    That means those who are dying with (not of) the disease are within years of reaching the average life expectancy (and, let’s not forget, they are also suffering in the vast majority of cases from at least two other diseases). I venture to say that a similar panic could be raised about just about any viral disease in circulation if it was being reported in the same way as this coronavirus is being reported.

    Since we’re committing thoughtcrimes here, let’s be blunt: “Elderly Patient With Multiple Complications Dies After Contracting Respiratory Illness” is NOT a news story. It’s a daily fact of life.

    But in fact, it is a news story. I have been keeping tabs on how the Canadian MSM have been covering the pandemic panic and saw a segment on one of the national news broadcasts about a woman whose 91-year old mother died in a nursing home. It was implied that this 91-year old woman’s life was tragically cut short by the coronavirus and, to make

  2. Every respiratory case is being counted as a Corona case. Pretty good deal for stoking the phoney numbers to scare!

    Don’t be fooled.

  3. See, McHenry County has turned Blue in the last 20 years, thanks Franks.

    Although, with the CoVid crisis, it really took the heat off our hotdog in chief, now everybody is banned from the State’s Capital.

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