County Health Department Offers Advice on Cloth Masks

From the McHenry County Health Department:

Cloth Masks – Who’s protected

A message from Dr. Laura Buthod, Medical Advisor for the McHenry County Department of Health

WOODSTOCK  – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new recommendations Friday for the voluntary use of non-medical masks. They suggest cloth face coverings be used in public settings where other physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Wearing anything over your mouth and nose will protect others by decreasing the spread of respiratory droplets to some degree. The healthcare respirators that have been tested and approved for use are the best at preventing transmission of germs. These need to be reserved for our healthcare workers and first responders to keep them safe so they can continue to help us.

The key messages continue to be to stay home except for essential tasks, wash your hands, and frequently clean surfaces.

If you must go to the grocery store or work, and you are well, using a homemade mask or bandana will help protect others.

Use of these masks however, does not mean you are safe from germs around you.

Keep your 6 feet distancing from others, use your hand sanitizers, and don’t touch the mask or any part of your face.

If you have any symptoms, you must stay home.

These coverings will not keep you from spreading illness to the vulnerable folks in our community who are at higher risk for hospitalization and death.

It is reasonable to use homemade facemasks when in the community, but you must know how to use them correctly. Good hand hygiene should be performed before putting on a mask, and after touching, adjusting, or removing a mask. Facemasks should be removed and discarded if soiled, damaged, or hard to breathe through.

The Minnesota Department of Health suggests some design principles for making and using alternative facemasks:

1. Build a mask that tightly encloses the area around the nose and mouth, from the bridge of the nose down to the chin, and extending onto the cheek beyond the corners of the mouth, so no gaps occur when talking or moving. 

2. Use mask material that is tightly woven but breathable. Possibly double-layer the fabric. Masks must be made from washable material such as fabric. Choose a fabric that can handle high temperatures and bleach without shrinking or otherwise deforming. 

3. The mask should be tolerant of expected amounts of moisture from breathing. 

If interested, you can check out the following links for further information:

Providence St. Joseph Health:  How to sew a simple Fabric Face Mask

Allina Health Face Mask Directions: How to make a facemask


County Health Department Offers Advice on Cloth Masks — 31 Comments

  1. In it’s latest attempt at ‘moving forward’.

    Government has deemed all inanimate objects to be illegal or mandatory and that status will be updated daily.

  2. How about 3D printing them, along with ceramic firearms for the Angel types when things go kaflooy?

  3. Are you kidding me? Due to the high levels of contamination displayed here with all sorts of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious bigotry, I wear all sorts of protective gear every time I access this sewer sunshine blog; that is medical masks, surgical caps, goggles, double gloves, boots, respirator, among others. Take my advice, safety first. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. Thus far virtually everything the government has recommended has failed.

    Thus far virtually everything the government has recommended they’ve changed their position – multiple times.

    The CDC is part of the deep state.

    They use the term “science” to shield themselves from disagreement.

    We are all supposed to follow their orders/recommendations – despite their failure and inept leadership.

    Local grocery stores, supply chains, restaurants (carry out/deliver), and doctors and nurses have kept America going – despite the efforts of government.

  5. Government is very inefficient no matter at what level.

    Private sector is always better at getting things done.

    Tell that to the liberals.

  6. While all you fools were arguing your stupid politics the WHOLE WORLD went into the beast system You are living in it now because you are very stupid. There is no GOVErnMEnt! There is only Satan and you now. Choose which one you will serve. Stupid is contagious!

  7. I beg to disagree. Our federal government has never been so efficient in its 233 year history. Haven’t you seen how our six-times-bankrupt, sexual-assaulter-in-chief has revolutionized public service? I say replace all 4 Mt. Rushmore sculptures and put up his orange, man-child pretty face for future generations to see. My sunshine blogger’s face you ask? That was already decided by our County Chairman a few months ago. He will get his own statue in every landfill in the state of Illinois made from recycled trash materials. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  8. Cindy says this pandemic is a ruse to get our DNA.

    Then she proceeds to call us idiots and blind to the truth that only she knows; a truth that God commands her to unveil…

  9. Angel, when you and other degenerates are taken into custody, that’s what I’ll call efficiency.

  10. I guess insults are all some people have absent any intelligent thought.

  11. And the pulmonologist I know, and the two people I know in ICU, and the nurses I know are all part of some great satanic conspiracy that a few goofballs are YouTubing about, and of which only they and Cindy are aware.

  12. Could the Blog create a software mask that will repel the coronaclockvirus that infects here daily?

  13. Cindy is one of those people who has her mind made up and considers anyone who disagrees an idiot and not Godly like herself.

    How can you discuss ideas with someone who has already decided they are always correct?

    Sadly this dogmatic approach can currently endanger lives.

    Do those who call this pandemic a hoax encourage their children to go play outside and mingle freely as there is no danger to their health?

  14. Cindy is right that the MSM is pushing this hoax ….. do you have your microchip proving you got vaxxed? No?

    Sorry you can’t go to school or university.

    Sorry you can’t enter Walmart.

    Sorry you cannot travel on mass transit, take a plane or Greyhound.

    Sorry you cannot get married or raise chldren.

  15. Cp? You moron. My youngest child is forty-seven and I wouldn’t dream of trying to keep them inside. They can play whenever and wherever they like!

  16. Cp is a nasty Franks bed bug.

    He tries to discredit others, but only discredits himself.

    CP were you fired as a seasonal employee from Marshall Fields?

    As a Christmas elf?

    Was that 1980?

    Yes I know who are!

  17. That’s a good one.

    You know when you are getting to them when they make up ridiculous stories.

    Let’s see if you stick to your pandemic hoax story as the cases in McHenry County add up.

    As for me, I will listen to the experts rather than a few clowns addicted to YouTube.

  18. Cp You complete nitwit! Experts? You mean the liars? LOL LOL LOL LOL Keep hiding in your basement and wearing your mask-er-raid when[IF] you get to leave your abode and rubbing poison all over your hands because you MUST sanitize. You have been HAD big time. People that have learned nothing from history are hiding in fear over the greatest lie they were ever told.

  19. Cindy, you and your followers seem to be very confident in your conviction that this whole thing is a hoax.

    You really should stand behind your conviction and communicate your certainty with the metro areas most affected.

    Just log into the major newspapers in cities like New York, Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles and tell them that it’s all a hoax and go out and hug your neighbor.

    Stand behind your convictions! It does nothing to preach here where numbers, thank God, are currently very low.

    Let the world know.

    I assume you’re not afraid to.

  20. Question for Cindy – why would the government creat a hoax to the extent for which are you claming?

    What would it accomplish?

  21. You are an idiot, CP. How would that stand behind anything besides the barn door that has obviously hit you in the head? You have no ability to understand even the minutest of truth that I offer and you think making snide remarks makes you some kind of wizard. Who do you think owns all those papers you so believe in? You are a fool just like all the rest that are wetting their panties because some big bad government told you to be afraid. You’re NOT GETTING the big picture here. THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENTS! You are under orders from the Club of 300 and The World Bank and you still insist on marching lockstep to your own death. The world has come under the beast system and you still think arguing is your best defense! And for your information, I DO HUG my neighbors. AND they are thrilled to see me! You would never understand that because you do not appear to be human. This is survival of the human race and you have just been slapped in the head by reality. Your reaction is to thank the evil entities that have imprisoned your soul and beg for them to get you through your pathetic day.

  22. Cognizant? You are NOT getting this. This IS the beast system you are going into. This is it! There is NO GOVERNMENT. This is what I have been hollering from the rooftops about for decades. Wake up. You are in the new world order. You will get nothing but the boot on your neck from here on out. Pray to God for discernment and nothing but truth. You will see what they are accomplishing.

  23. I guess the answer from Cindy is no.

    It looks like God told her to only spread his message on Cals blog.

    I take my info from a respiratory specialist with years of schooling and Cindy gets here from YouTube.

    Your grandiose plan of spreading God’s word is only on these pages.

    Truth is you know if you preached your garbage in cities hit hard by the virus like the ones I mentioned or London, for instance, you’d be laughed at like the buffoon you are.

  24. CP? Not only are you a complete moron but you are helping NO ONE. What have you done for your neighbors? What the Hell do you care about fake news from the UK when your neighbors are suffering? You are a big fool! AND it is turning out that you are a bully to boot!

    I’ve always suspected you as being a troll. Now we have concrete proof! People are suffering because of clowns like you that have no interest in being human.

  25. I work in a hospital as does my wife.

    My nephew is a respiratory specialist in England currently at home quarantined as he is sick with the virus.

    My goal is to keep people safe by not listening to people like you.

  26. If anyone is suffering it’s because they made the mistake of their life and listened to you.

    I’m saying it’s real and protect yourself.

    You are saying it’s a hoax and there’s no need to take any precautions despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary from every news source on the face of the earth.

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