McHenry County Employee Compensation – Bo-Ca

Further posting of compensation of McHenry County employees follows.

The figures show below include not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

Salary and benefit information for Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund employees are for salaries on FY 2019-20. It represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year.

State law only requires such information be posted for those earning over $75,000.

McHenry County, instead, decided to post such information for all employees to be more transparent.


Boege,Hailey A Registry – CNA $3,939.26
Boelhower,Matthew J Corrections SGT $125,640.40
Boone,Sabrina D IT Administration Manager $70,299.92
Borucki,Susan Senior Planner $64,084.62
Boruta,Dariusz J Correctional Officer – Union $116,862.80
Bough,Kathleen M Administrative Specialist III $61,771.78
Bowden,Melanie K Certified Nursing Asst I $39,947.00
Bowe,Sue E. Activity Assistant $48,269.28
Bowers,Rayelen D Registered Nurse $83,436.28
Boyd,Patricia A. Lead Court/Courtroom Spec $47,717.10
Boyk III,George F. Correctional Officer – Union $96,915.20
Bozer,Steven K Court Security Ofcr – Union $46,135.20
Bozer,Tammy A Administrative Specialist I $20,879.04
Bradley,Justin L Information Technology Spec $50,511.20
Brady,Megan I Assessment Specialist I $39,493.70
Braune,Terry R Deputy Director $76,336.00
Brazas,Rebecca J Design Engineer II $71,859.14
Brichetto,Michael J Deputy Chief of Court Security $82,740.00
Briscoe,Barbara J. Recorder Spec II $42,042.60
Brock,Benjamin T Deputy Sheriff SGT $113,414.40
Brodersen,Matthew Assistant State’s Attorney $84,243.32
Brooks,Tarrance L Corrections LT $126,750.96
Browning,Michael R Correctional Officer – Union $77,183.76
Bruce,Christopher C Correctional Officer – Union $76,487.76
Bruens,Gail L Records/Civil Process Spvr $68,312.66
Bruett,Kyle R Principal Asst States Attorney $86,459.06
Bruketta,Jeremy J Deputy – Union $103,621.20
Brummel,Jennifer A Correctional Officer – Union $73,619.20
Brzinski,Maureen M Administrative Specialist I $39,259.70
Budris-Jackson,Cherise M Certified Nursing Asst I $5,601.70
Buker,Laura L Radio Dispchr – Union $86,779.12
Buracker,William E Court Security Ofcr – Union $63,989.16
Burck,Danielle G Communicable Disease Prog Coor $74,454.58
Burgess,Timothy F Court Security Ofcr – Union $68,960.88
Burkart,Marla S Activity Assistant $32,516.22
Burke,Dawn R Corrections SGT $119,159.68
Burke,Thomas Correctional Officer – Union $116,862.80
Burroughs,Gerard T Director, Facilities $118,853.00
Bush,Ann M Registry – CNA $3,635.68
Butler,Darren Correctional Officer – Union $103,925.12
Byard Gresham,Cheyenne R Kennel Tech I $21,965.04
Byrnes,Kevin E Deputy – Union $101,708.00
Caccamo,Haylee R Certified Nursing Asst I $16,805.10
Cadrecha,Gilbert J Marine Patrol I $11,122.80
Cahill,Thomas P Principal Asst States Attorney $93,608.54
Calderon de Valdez,Maria Housekeeper $31,512.60
Caldrone,Steven Marine Patrol I $11,122.80
Camara,James Systems Analyst II $110,412.88
Camarena,Patricia Custodian $21,976.50
Campbell,Stephanie M Coroner Intern $15,600.00


McHenry County Employee Compensation – Bo-Ca — 14 Comments

  1. These overblown salaries make me ill. Correction offices making over $10k a month? Ridiculous.

    On another matter, When are these township assessors going to have the super lowball assessments on their own and close relatives’ property examined by the County Assessor?

    Start with McHenry and Grafton townships -/- they are the worst offenders!

  2. Who needs a communicable disease program coordinator? Who needs a certified nurse assistant? Who needs a registered nurse? This sunshine blog stands up and accuses these people of robbery. I publicly ask for my taxes to be returned to me so I can face this pandemic by myself with lots of prayer and Jesus Christ love and compassion. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. In the spirit of compassionate conservative full disclosure, I demand the publication of sick days, coffee breaks, lunch time hours, bathroom time, maternity time, time lost coughing or sneezing, vacation time, bereavement time, personal time, family time, snow days, Covid-19 time, political campaign time, sunshine-blog time, and any other work time these employees lost which represents a robbery of my tax dollars. My Lord, do these people work at all? Why do we have a county government when everything could be granted and protected by the always-efficient and society-empathetic private sector? What were the Founder Fathers thinking when they wrote and approved the phrase “We the People?” Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug your neighbor, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. Angel, I cannot believe your ignorance!

    Why to we need CNA’S?

    That stands for Certified Nursing Assistant.

    The County owns a nursing home.

    It is called Valley Hi.

    CNA’s are an integral part of its staff.

    They are the most underpaid, hard working employees out there!

    Not to mention their job duties!

    How would you like to clean the butts, give showers to, and suffer unlimited abuse from our elderly?

    You wouldn’t last 10 minutes!

    Why do we nurses?

    Again there is Valley Hi not to mention a Health department.

    Do you honestly believe that anyone other than an RN is qualified to give vaccines, draw blood and provide professional services to those in need?

    These individuals work tirelessly, without overtime to serve our community! ESPECIALLY during these challenging times!

    Screw you – who needs YOU?

  5. The coronaclockvirus continues unabated infesting the topics, threads of this Blog.

  6. Phlebotomists draw blood. That is what they trained for.

    My Sam’s Club pharmacist gave me vaccines for pneumonia.

  7. Sunshine blogger, just when I start spouting the republikkklan libertarian doctrine nonsense, I get labeled as an ignorant. This is the price we pay for being a Christian, family-values, God-fearing, gun-clinging patriot. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug a blogger, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  8. 125k, 116k for Jail Guards?

    Ok subtract the “uniform allowance” and some medical benefits–you add in OT for these guys and they’re paid quite handsomely.

    With salaries like that isnt that why so many locales across the countrylooked to the Privitazion of Prisons and county jails?

    Skyrocketing costs, mainly labor were/are killing the Property owners and businesses paying these costs.

    Too much bargaining power for Public Unions, not enough for Taxpayers is the summary so far of these County Salary listings.

    Keep it coming, time to put it in the faces of politicians who support this by continually raising our taxes.

    Find new ways to creatively privatize a lot of this County work-using contractors, outsourcing, privatizing, not having it done by the county, etc.

    Not focused just or even on, the Jail but a lot of the jobs/departments on here should be audited for better cheaper ways of getting a job done.

    And we’re only at the letter “B” so far.

  9. Kevin Byrnes, Angela Byrnes who ran for Coroner, makes $101,000.

    If she would have won they would have taken home $250,000 in salary and benefits!

    Plus any conflicts of interest.

  10. Bob Wire is right.

    County roadway workers are 6x more expensive than townships per mile.

  11. @Whynot- actually they wouldn’t have and 101k isn’t salary- it’s with all benefits included.

    And if you’re mad at that I guess you should be attacking the deputies union who tirelessly defend their county…


    Facts- The coroner’s salary with state stipend is $110K.

    Besides the fact that Mrs Byrnes’ current salary is double what her husband makes should speak volumes to her willingness to take a decrease to serve the community.

    Also your numbers are screwed because you didn’t factor her not taking health and retirement as an elected official.

    Also there’s no conflicts.

    In your same thinking “conflict of interest speech” Prim shouldn’t be overseeing any case that his deputies handle…

    But he does, because he’s appointed to do so and he’s a professional who took an oath unlike you.

    You’re full of it and don’t understand how the criminal justice system works.

    The only conflict there ever be would be is if a family member related to the Coroner was involved in the cause and manner of death for someone, no matter who was in office.

    In which case an outside coroner would be asked to step in, no matter who was involved.


  12. The majority of the people on this blog are retarded when it comes to their tax bills.

    Their township, municipality, and county aren’t the problem.

    It’s the school districts on their bills that take up over 50% of it.

    Yet they continually fail to address them for their inflated spending and try to pick on the low hanging fruit.


    Because no one in this county has the backbone to do so.

    We’re a county led by cowards and do nothings who everyone else lurch’s on to say that they’re doing something but don’t want to make waves.


    McHenry County is led by COWARDS with zero courage.

    Their time for change will come, but first they’ll have to publicly fall on their swords which currently they’re all doing.

    Then true Republican change will come.

    Out with the old dinosaurs killing our county and in with the realist keeping it alive for the future.

  13. @Liquid Can you show me Angela Byrnes pay stub?

    If you are going to go out on a limb and say she is making double which is highly unlikely, then you are the one that needs to give me proof of that!

    Prim does not have his wife working under him in the Sheriff’s office.

    So he doesn’t have a conflict of interest.

    Conflict of interest is when you have to investigate something that your family member did or did not do.

    If I recall during the LWV Angela called out Mark Justen for having a conflict of interest because he has a funeral home business.

    Same principle she is just on the other side of it.

    Angela’s husband works as a deputy and I am sure many cases.

    I see you don’t understand WTH you are talking about!

    Ever look at your pay stub?

    Ever wonder what the employer pays for every employee?

    Such as FICA, SS, unemployment benefits etc.

    The taxpayers pay those!

    That is a benefit!

    So add that up and it comes to around $250k!

    And unless she is on her/family are currently on her husbands plan she will have that as a benefit!

    Any other FACTS you want to talk about?

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