Empty Hospital Parking Lots

Two Friends of McHenry County Blog sent photos of empty hospital parking lots.

My wife observed that elective surgeries have been cancelled and no visitors are now allowed.

Huntley’s Northwestern Hospital
Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin

The following were taken by Dr. James Economos:

West Suburban Medical Center Emergency Room entrance.
Chicago St. Anthony’s Hospital Emergency Room entrance.
Rush’s Oak Park Hospitals in Oak Park Emergency Room entrance.


Empty Hospital Parking Lots — 7 Comments

  1. I see this as a good sign.

    Could you imagine if there were people lined up in wheel chairs six feet apart?

  2. Could you imagine how packed these hospital parking lots would
    be if the Hildabeast was POTUS ?

  3. Could you imagine a country in which all illegals were rounded up and deported?

  4. Could you imagine if this thing turned out to be a gigantic hoax?

  5. Gasser? It is! BUT, this is way beyond a hoax. Every single person that promotes this new world order takeover will be spending eternity in Hell. I have been shouting from the rooftops for decades now but no one wants to face the fact that the agenda21 crowd are NOT your pals. Now that every right you ever thought you had has been stripped from you by lowly human beings wearing socks, you are hiding in your basements in fear over nothing. It is too late to save your job or your country. Go out and hug your neighbor. NO man on the face of the earth has ANY Right to tell you where you can go. YOU did this to yourselves. AND over NOTHING!

  6. You are now in 1933 Germany but on steroids.

    May God have mercy on your souls.

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