The Last Sunday Paper, McHenry County’s Tabloid Is Not Daily Anymore

I remember telling the Publisher of the Crystal Lake Herald back in the late 1960’s that he would eventually be going daily.

Even then, the Herald was protective of the Establilshment.

I was an active member of the Crystal Lake Jaycees and learned that a fellow Jaycee, former President Chuck Scott, then a CL City Councilman, was moving out of town.

I told the Publisher, who was ensconced in a little office in the building now occupied by a ballet school on Woodstock Street.

He asked me how I knew and I told him, “I got an invitation to his going-away party on Saturday.”

Another Jaycee, Vance Roberts, ran a write-in campaign that did pretty well, but not well enough to win.

The Herald ignored the story until after the election.

John Fuhler was appointed to fill out his four-year term.

Shaw Newspapers consolidated its holdings, including the almost daily Woodstock Sentinel, into the Northwest Herald and eventually went daily.

As Craig’s List took its classified ads, newspapers shrunk.

The first I noticed was the Chicago Tribune.

Folded in half, it was smaller than the Chicago Sun-Times.

Afterward, the NWH went from a full-sized to a smaller almost full-sized format.

In 2007, it laid off its cartoonist, Scott Nychay.

More recently, the NWH went tabloid.

Now it has again downsized, this time from seven days a week to six.

The last Sunday Northwest Herald.

It is emulating the Chicago Daily News–the paper I could not wait to read after coming home from high school–in its dying days.

There was one big difference.

While the Saturday Chicago Daily News had excellent investigative reporting, the Northwest Herald has not yet adopted a similar policy.


The Last Sunday Paper, McHenry County’s Tabloid Is Not Daily Anymore — 16 Comments

  1. Look at the assorted jerk offs that are employed by the Northworst Herald in management positions and lack of talent in their reporters.

    They might as well be hiring high school or middle school kids. They aren’t in the business of investigative reporting, they’re order takers and the same level of skill you’d find at McDonald’s or Walmart in my opinion.

    I doubt that they could find their rear ends in the dark with a flashlight but undoubtedly could using their sense of smell.

    Would you like cheese on that?

  2. If I remember right the Chicago Daily News had a big Saturday edition with the color comics, etc., but no Sunday edition.

  3. That’s what happens when you get in bed with local politicians to protect the “Good Place To Live” reputation.

  4. Credit where credit is due. Like Thor Heyerdhal navigating across the Pacific, Ronald Reagan finishing up the Soviet Union, and David knocking out Goliath, my sunshine blogger, single-handedly is taking down McHenry County’s tabloid. Jack Franks is next. I told you all those free lunches and barrels of free beer were worth it. We are all the beneficiaries of how freedom, liberty, free press and a big belly continue to grow in beautiful McHenry County. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug a blogger, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  5. I will do a little jig when that lying rag closes.

    Then I’ll stage a party to celebrate the demise of the little fake news and their propaganda fishwrapper.

    A glorious day.

    NWFakenews is on life support.

    Another Coronavirus victim?


    Jack Franks’ dad decided he couldn’t take the financial hits anymore, even when the Jackal needed its lies the most!

    So very sad!


    Remember the seriously mentally disturbed editor Peterson?

    Remember the rotund liar-editor Sweetwood?

    Remember the fabulist Eddie Kommenda?

    All gone w/ the foul wind.

    When Gary Lang PERSONALLY sent me a handwritten letter why I didn’t come in to buy a new car like I had every two years for 2 decades, he wrote he ‘missed” me and enquirer about my health, if I “needed anything”.

    I wrote back and said I will not support anybody who advertises in that rag.

    Never heard back from him, so his ‘concern’ was all about the financial.

  6. Where are the Lois Lanes of today? Or Woodward and Bernstein? Who leaves no stone unturned these days?

  7. Ms Trumpion- Apparently you really are as retarded as you sound. I asked people to give you a chance but you keep on proving them right.

  8. In my opinion, there are only two things that could make the Herald indispensable: investigative reporting and high school sports coverage.

    I’ve suggested to Cal that he get on the email list for all the local high schools and simply print what they send him.

    So far, he hasn’t taken me up on my suggestion.

  9. Genius Steve WILLSON, in case you haven’t noticed, school closed, no high school or any sports.

    Wake up man,

  10. High schools and other schools should have their own websites accessible by students and parents with sports news of the schools written and posted by up and coming journalist students or similar. Why would anyone except students and parents of a particular school want to read about sports stuff from the school? Who cares?

    Who cares who won a game somewhere in the county or which senior has “Committed” to enrolling in a particular college other than the student’s parents and friends?

  11. School boards across the nation: please follow the advice of my Political Science, Sociology expert, right-wing fanatic fraud with regards to how to communicate with district stakeholders. Say that again? You’ve doing this for years? That’s OK. He needs self-therapy, feeling important writing and reading his own garbage with the illusion that somebody in the galaxy takes him seriously. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug a blogger, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  12. TownshipperNo1, you are correct.

    The schools are closed at the moment.

    My guess is that they’ll probably reopen.

    Bred winner, I’m with you. I don’t follow high School sports anymore since I no longer have children in school.

    But you’d be amazed how many people still follow their local high school!

  13. The NW Herald is the most worthless rag in Illinois. They should have been honest and renamed it “The Jack Franks Herald” years ago…

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