No Applications to Fill CL Councilman Ralph Dawson’s Seat, Ian Philpot Appointed

Bill Prim, then candidate for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Sheriff, talked to Crystal Lake Councilmen Jeff Thorsen and Ralph Dawson.

When I finally clicked in on the vacancy created on the Crystal Lake City Council by the resignation of Ralph Dawson shortly before his death, I filed a Freedom of Information request for applications of those seeking to replace him.

Here’s the reply I received:

“The City has searched its records and hereby grants your Request without exception. 

“Based on its review of City records, however, there are no responsive records that fit the criteria of your Request.” 

Obviously not following Crystal Lake politics closely enough, because commenter “Bullocks” pulled up the March 17th Council agenda which says the following:

“Appointment of Ian Philpot to fill vacancy created by the passing of Council member Dawson.”


No Applications to Fill CL Councilman Ralph Dawson’s Seat, Ian Philpot Appointed — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for your research.

    The appointment has been added to the article.

  2. The elderly Maoist city council, than voted to nationalize all local business for the proletariat.

  3. Not surprising. Ian has been sucking up to the city council for years.

    Will he still hold his position on the planning and zoning commision?

  4. The City of Crystal Lake Council is undoubtedly the largest political group of ass wipes ever assembled!

  5. Jose, did you read the headline.

    No applications filed.

    You missed your chance.

  6. GasserBacker

    Oh please tell us the details!

    I need to know the rest of the story

  7. Stephen Pokorny, what was the date that this request for applications was posted and the deadline given?

    Where was it posted?

    I can’t imagine why someone who was pushed off a ballot for say ” paperclips and handwritten numbering of pages or the County Clerk Office being closed due to a blizzard or others been interested in applying.

    What were the requirements the City Council were going to use to choose an applicant if two or more applied?

  8. I’m sure they never looked for or wanted other applicants.

    Shepley most likely has the power to appoint someone to fill the remainder of the term.

    Even if there was an opportunity for others to apply Ian Philpot would have been chosen.

  9. I’d seen a picture in the local fishwrap of the Crystal Lake City Council with one members eye’s bulging out of their sockets another looking liked they just woke up or were intoxicated and yet another looking like John Wayne Gacy.

    In my opinion, it looks like a circus or carnival.

  10. Ha! Like this is a surprise the puppetier will just pick another puppet!

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