McHenry County Employee Compensation – El-Fr

Further posting of compensation of McHenry County employees follows.

The figures show below include not only salary, but also health benefits, vacation and sick pay, plus uniform allowance.

Salary and benefit information for Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund employees are for salaries on FY 2019-20. It represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year.

State law only requires such information be posted for those earning over $75,000.

McHenry County, instead, decided to post such information for all employees to be more transparent.


Ellsworth Jr,Robert E Chief Deputy, EMA $91,643.78
Embry,Alex B Deputy Sheriff SGT $124,471.36
Emiliano,Jennifer M Accounting Assistant II $69,336.00
Emricson,Larry T Transportation Spec $11,222.81
Enberg,Lynn E Admissions Coordinator $53,434.52
Engelbrecht,Renee A Public Health Nurse $68,119.18
Engle,Sally A Assessment Specialist II $50,212.30
Escobedo,Jessica Registry – CNA $3,635.68
Etling,Giovanni J Correctional Officer – Union $71,165.12
Everett,Tracy A Laundry Worker $12,109.50
Faber,Thomas A Business Service Representativ $59,076.26
Fabian,Leopoldo D Victim Witness Coordinator $66,578.68
Fabian,Tania WIC Nutritionist $23,446.80
Faczek,Kristin B DOT Maint Worker $63,654.40
Fagala,Agnes M VH Admin Spec I $11,539.04
Faillaci,Pablo F. Construction Engineer II $69,780.72
Feda,Matthew D Assistant Public Defender $79,645.24
Felker,Robert Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Fell,Marvin A. Chief Court Security Officer $90,034.08
Fields,Jeffry M Detective – Union $100,942.96
Fifer,Linda B Assessment Specialist III $54,343.68
Filippini,Christopher A Court Security Ofcr – Union $44,804.00
Fink,Helen A Clerk I $27,826.50
Finke,Deann M Administrative Coordinator $73,339.28
Fish,Charles L Correctional Officer – Union $103,925.12
Fisher,Catherine M Administrative Specialist II $30,634.50
Fitzgerald III,William J Correctional Officer – Union $82,604.40
Fitzgerald,Breanna Correctional Officer – Union $108,322.16
Fitzgerald,Ryan T Corrections SGT $97,020.40
Flannery,Michael E Deputy – Union $115,028.16
Flores,Ariana G Registry – CNA $4,727.11
Flores,Erick Radio Dispchr – Union $71,111.84
Flores,Jocelyn Food Service Assistant $12,271.35
Flores,Rocio Food Service Assistant $43,159.31
Floress,Diana L Mapping Technician I $53,039.80
Floress,Michael I. Court Security Ofcr – Union $77,563.20
Flowers,Egbert W Correctional Officer – Union $107,285.84
Foat,Sally A Recorder Spec III $49,897.68
Foley,Amanda J GIS Mapping Specialist $76,083.00
Foley,Marisela Deputy Court Administrator $79,913.28
Foley,Sean M Planner $64,505.82
Follmann,Anthony J Information Technology Spec $50,511.20
Ford,Kevin W. Correctional Officer – Union $108,322.16
Fragante,Johnson C Registry – LPN $11,960.00
Franks,Jack D County Board Chair $106,356.32
Frasier,Kimberly S. Radio Dispchr – Union $82,031.84
Freese,Randi L Chief, Criminal Division $108,333.78
Freschi,Joshua D Deputy – Union $93,700.00
Friedel,Maureen K Clerk II $44,914.80
Frohling,Bonnie Clerk II – Union $58,089.74


McHenry County Employee Compensation – El-Fr — 4 Comments

  1. 106.3k for Mr Franks?

    Isnt that job part time at best?

    Some meetings, photo ops, couple quotes for the Herald, and return a few phone calls.

    He work from home?

    Fill me in on the full time part, inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Don’t forget he gets $56,000 pension for being a politician in Springfield and another $1,500 for not taking the Health Benefits from the state.

    The taxpayers are paying 2x for his healthcare benefits!

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