McHenry County Positive Coronavirus Test Increase from 189 to 206, CL & Woodstock at Top

Here is the zip code map (interactive here) from the Illinois Department of Public Health for April 9, 2020:

April 9, 2020, Covid-19 zip code map.

It is based on the assumption that McHenry County has 198 cases.

The McHenry County Health Department, however, reports 206 cases.

“As of April 9, 2020, there have been 206 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 5 deaths.”

Clicking on the zip codes of the interactive map reveals the following information:

  • Algonquin – 25
  • Barrington – 21
  • Cary – 22
  • Crystal Lake (60014) – 26
  • Crystal Lake (60012) – 11
  • Fox Lake – 10
  • Huntley – 13
  • Island Lake – 7
  • Johnsburg (60051) – 17
  • McHenry (60050) – 20
  • Spring Grove – 11
  • Woodstock – 32

Adding up the numbers, the total comes to 212. Obviously, some of the jurisdictions are in surrounding counties as well, e.g., Barrington, Algonquin, Huntley and Fox Lake.


McHenry County Positive Coronavirus Test Increase from 189 to 206, CL & Woodstock at Top — 24 Comments

  1. Woodstock is #1

    I wonder about reusable bags and the bag tax. 🤔

    I know, they repealed it for a few months.

    Still, it was in place when this virus started.

  2. Lies all lies! Totally fake to keep you in fear. NOT even one ounce of truth to ANY of this. Never forget that you fell for 911 and they locked everybody down. Never removed any of that Patriot Act crap. This time it will be permanent. You are cheering on the new world order and the police state. Dystopian nightmare is what your life has become now.

  3. Well Cindy, you may have a valid argument.

    The model that almost every country, including the US, relied on was a March 17 model created by the Imperial College London led by Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson.

    The model estimated 500,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million in the US.

    This was ground zero for all the panic that ensued.

    The model has been cited by organizations like The New York Times and has been found to have been instrumental in governmental policy decision-making.

    Just a few weeks ago Ferguson appeared before the British Parliament and admitted outright that his original model was flawed.

    He told Parliament that his revised estimate of UK deaths would be less than 20,000 with, quote, “more than 1/2 of whom would have died by the end of the year in any case [because] they were so old and sick.”

    None of the MSM reported on this revised model until now. Here is a link to a really good article explaining this mess.


  4. All over the world, healthcare workers brave this virus and care for very sick people.

    It is sad that the brainwashed sheep on this blog trash what they do with their ignorant YouTube fed bullshit.

  5. Plandemic, scamdemic no doubt.

    Our way of life is over.

    We must face reality.

    We were divided and conquered.

    Spread love not hate and division.

  6. And now you know why gun sales have recently set new all time records.

  7. Wow, Molly. Weren’t you beating me over the head just like the morons over this? Welcome to engaging your brain. All glory to God.

  8. Only thing it didn’t mention was destroying the world economy and killing tens of thousands of people in order to steal our DNA.

    (God told Cindy)

  9. molly? I was referencing when everyone was climbing all over my back for being crazy and you jumped in to get a shot in. I was surprised that you would join them, that was all. Forget it. You woke up. That is what counts.

  10. Martin and CP are things from the pit of Hell that will have the blood of all that will be destroyed by their fomenting lies on their hands. I think Martin is just plain stupid from his brainwashing as you can see in who is trusting. That other kook is really evil. You can tell by how he likes to mock God.

  11. Dr. Mikovits says in your Youtube video Covid 19 is a virus.

    Cindy, I thought you said there’s no such thing.

    Which is it?

    She states it’s origin is vaccines.

    Is that what you believe now?

    Are vaccines real or not? What story is it today?

  12. Wait. I’m from the pit of hell – not just the suburbs, but the pit – yet I’m only stupid and the other guy is evil???

    I’m kinda hurt.

    I could use a hug.

  13. CP is being obtuse on purpose. I have already explained that viruses are NOT what you were told to begin with. They are piezoelectric tools your own body creates to flush out bacteria, fungi, etc. Like a detergent that your OWN body CREATES. You CANNOT “catch” a virus. They are not alive. They only exist in your body. Thus the only way you can get a virus that wasn’t in your own body created by your own body would be by injection. The doctor said nothing that should have confused you. If you have been following the documentation I have been posting you would have already known all of this. But then again, you are pretty darn stupid.

  14. First you stated viruses are not real.

    Now you say they are.

    Which is it?

  15. I read everything by you posted and more on my own.

    Your paper only told half the story.

    Of course,you take that half and extrapolate a conspiracy theory that fits into your NWO theories.

    Viruses can only “live in a cell” but can survive outside the body as you know.

  16. Funny how you and a handful of scientists are correct and the rest of the world is wrong.

    But if you look closely at the personality of it, then it makes sense.

    Everyone on your videos believes they are the chosen enlightened ones and everyone else is stupid. They believe they are being targeted by the government to hush them up.

    It is a definite personality disorder that you display daily and constantly. One of the most significant traits is that you and they believe you are doing it for God and he has chosen you specifically.

    I shouldn’t badger you as you obviously cannot control this affliction.

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