Secretary of State’s Police Report on Jack Franks

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Jack Franks made inappropiate communications of such a concern that he must be escorted at all times –


Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –It took awhile, but we received our FOIA request for more information on Jack Franks’ prohibition of unescorted access to the state capitol and adjoining capitol complex buildings.

According to the Illinois State Capitol Police PATROL ALERT dated March 19, 2019:

Specific Details

At the request of Illinois House of Representatives Chief of Staff Jessica Basham, former Illinois House of Representative Jack D. Franks is to be escorted by Capitol Police at all times in the event that he should come to the Capitol Complex. Chief of Staff Basham has indicated that Jack Franks has made inappropriate communications to members of the Illinois House of Representatives Staff Members and his communications are of such concern that it is requested he be escorted at all times.”

Action Required

“Jack D. Franks is to be escorted at all times if he should come to the Capitol and adjoining Capitol Complex Buildings. Notify a supervisor immediately if Franks is observed.”


Secretary of State’s Police Report on Jack Franks — 8 Comments

  1. Well Franks is a soldier in the party of BABY MURDERERS after all
    so things lie this must be expected, #METOO.

  2. Poor Franks, Did 25 females and 2 males conspire and make up crazy tales about Dear Leader?

    Why why why?

    Now Foia the underlying events since nothing is going to happen.

    Daddy Franks must be obeyed!

    The wheels of justice grind to a halt when he decreed it.

    Did Daddy even scold the wayward scion-son-prodigal?

    Yes, but only for getting caught!

  3. He’s hoping Patrick D. Kenneally can help write a 50 page paper on why he can’t be prosecuted.

    Patty is an expert at looking the other way when politics is involved. What’s his hourly rate?

  4. This patrol alert was issued in 2019, presumably for Franks’ actions at the capitol while representing McHenry County as Chair in Springfield?

    End the bullying and misconduct; kick Jack to the curb in November.

  5. How is Trump worse?

    Was Trump ordered to have police escort him around for other people’s safety?

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