Weber Complains of Pritzker’s Limit to Family Boating

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

Weber: Why Can’t Families Boat Together?

FOX LAKE – Last week Governor JB Pritzker announced his intention to reissue a modified stay at home order (now in effect) that would permit fishing and boating, but in groups no larger than two.

A pontoon boat on Wonder Lake in 2012.

State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) called for the Governor to acknowledge that families who have been living together during the previous stay at home order should be allowed to boat together in groups larger than two as a means to promote mental health and wellness during this stressful time.

Weber’s 64th District includes the Chain O’Lakes, which is both a beloved recreation area and a major economic driver for the community.

Weber previously stated,

“This is very frustrating to me and to residents of our district. If you shelter in place together, why can’t you go out in your boat as a family together? This is a great way for people to be able to escape, enjoy nature and get some fresh air.”

After some optimism that calls to allow families to boat together had been heard, Weber’s office has now received clarification through the Governor’s administration that those requests have been ignored.

Guidance from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) states:

“The EO says that boating is permitted pursuant to DCEO guidance. What is that guidance?

“Boating is permitted in groups of no more than 2 persons.

“What are Minimum Basic Operations for a marina?

“Minimum number of workers necessary to open marinas and harbors to boat owners. Workers necessary for the operation of safe harbors and marinas to provide refuge for boaters when conditions making boating on open water unsafe and operations related to safety services such as fuel, emergency dockage and sanitary pump-out stations and workers providing tender or boat transportation services. If there is a restaurant or other facilities that prepare and serve food, they may operate utilizing the restrictions contained in Section 12(l).”

“I understand the immense difficultly in addressing COVID-19 and the need to protect public health,” said Weber.

“However, what is the scientific basis behind preventing a family that has been living together from boating together?

“It makes absolutely no sense.

“It almost seems like the administration is deliberately overregulating this situation or simply isn’t concerned about the unintended negative consequences of the contradictions present in this modified order.

“Governor, if a family can safely live together, go for a drive in the car together or go for a walk in the neighborhood together; then surely they can get some much needed fresh air on a boat together.”

The complete modified stay at home order may be viewed here<>. For more information about essential businesses and operations, click here<>.


Weber Complains of Pritzker’s Limit to Family Boating — 18 Comments

  1. I would think boating families will ignore an asinine edict like this.

    Enough of this bull sh*t

  2. And I complain about Weber’s RINOism and stupid grandstanding. He supported and heavily financed the hideous Schofield against Skillicorn.

    Webers’ family : 2 transvestites

  3. Why Didn’t The Constitution Stop This?

    The genius of the U.S. Constitution is that the Framers, especially James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, saw it as a constraint on bad policymaking. Given the number of really bad policies that various US governments and officials, from school boards to POTUS, have implemented, especially recently, it is high time to restore weakened or lost Constitutional restraints against arbitrary rule.

    Five forces threaten Americans with destruction:

    1) nature;

    2) foreign powers;

    3) the national government;

    4) state and local governments;

    5) themselves.

    The threat from 3, 4, and 5 is double-edged, meaning that Americans can be harmed by the actions of those forces as well as by their inaction.

  4. Because so many good people have already left this damned state.

    Blue state sheeple need to be enslaved.

    Big Govt will cut them checks.

    That’s why Trump was the Deep State’s plan all along, and why Fauci still rides high.

    Get everybody bamboozled into political kabuki theater while the Vaxxers take over.

    They needed a Trump.

    Can you imagine the unrest if Witch Hillary tried to do half the things that are going on now?

  5. Along with Weber rescuing all those Gilligan’s out there, how bout sending ole DJ a couple of Ginger’s to quarantine with while your at it.

  6. DJ, you aren’t thinking straight.

    Not only is Mary Ann better looking, she’d actually do the cooking and the cleaning.

  7. Webs started out OK, but quickly made his way into the ditch.

    I walked for him.

    Won’t be doing that again!

  8. I don’t see Tom Weber’s name on any of Carolyn Schofield’s receipts.

    Aren’t you worried Tom or Carolyn will sue you for slander or do you have a link proving that he gave to her like you said, MilitantJoe?

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