Fox Lake Re-Open Demonstration

Saturday afternoon, those not agreeing with Governor JB Pritzker’s continuation of ruling citizens by fiat rallied in fox Lake at the closed Dairy Queen.

The closed Fox Lake Dairy Queen.
“Open our churches.”
Disdain for Governor Pritzker.
“All businesses are not the same!”
“Covid” is part of what is on the tee shirt.
Television covered the rally.
“God Bless Our Nation” flag.
A “Make America Great Again” Trump flag.
Joe Tirio wears a mask of his own chosing.
WLS-TV sent its Storm Tracker van.
“Pritzker scarier than the virus.”
Karen and Joe Tirio with Chris Yaeger.
“Flatten the curve, not the economy.”
American and Don’t Tread on Me flags.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pletz.


Fox Lake Re-Open Demonstration — 19 Comments

  1. All these geniuses not wearing masks is one of the reasons we need stay-at-home orders.

    Also. Dairy Queen doesn’t have to be closed under the stay-at-home order.

  2. So much antisemitism on display.

    Good lord, people wake up.

    The kleptocracy must go!

  3. Take your protest out on the lake and make
    the cops come out after you,

    there won’t be enough of them to take everybody into custody.

    And bring cameras to record it all as a waste of taxpayers money.

  4. Took my boat on the Fox today.

    6 people no masks a county sheriff (McH) pointed at me.

    I pointed right back.

    The overweight loafer just sat there!

    Some boats were jam packed with over 20.

  5. Grass Lake today

    1-5 pm

    5 people in speed boat

    No masks.



    A great day wo Fat Pritzger!

  6. Just what, exactly, is that idiot going to do when people do exactly as they please?

    Pritzker has absolutely no say whatsoever without thugs to beat his edicts into folks.

    At what point do you people stop fearing the nothing that moron can do and realize the protest is to live your life.

    Some sensible quarantining of the very venerable should be self imposed but the governor no longer has any say.

    If you want to open your business and it makes sense to you to do so, do it.

    If you want to lead your life as though you’re free…


    You’re free to do so.

    Illinois government has been a provable absolute dictatorship for many years so is illegitimate within the Republic of the United States.

    Illinois government has now stepped outside the bounds of its own constitution, never mind the Constitution of the United States, so is twice illegitimate.

    The moment The People are done with this idiotic illegitimate government it is thrice done.

    Put a fork in it.

    Quit standing on corners and start exercising your absolute right to self determination.

    When the thugs show up, whatever they’re dressed in or whatever illegitimate authority they purport to have, merely ignore them without fear.

    What are they going to do?

    Kill you for peacefully going about your life?

    If the thugs ever cross that line everyone in this current Illinois government will know very intimately just how wrong sending murderous thugs out to impose their illegitimacy by force truly is.

    If those thugs attempt to write on a piece of paper for you simply walk away.

    They can color on their own time.

    You’ve got more important things to do.

    Your fear enslaves you.

    If you’d rather live like a scared bunny feel free, as you certainly may choose this path.

    If you want to live like a lion, which is your right and your God given inheritance in this nation, then join us.

    We happily await you.

    But stop shouting on corners wishing when you can absolutely be peacefully leading your life just exactly as you see fit without interference from petty criminals masquerading as Illinois governmental leaders.

  7. Pletzling needs attn, every chance he gets, or he’ll create an ‘incident.’ to gain attn.

  8. Dan Aylward, my hero, went out today to defy the police thugs.

    Yay Dan!

  9. How many people would have died in the same period last year!?

  10. Fascist Karen Tirio knows how to protest. We remember back in January how she bullied anti-protesters in Algonquin. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, hug a blogger, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  11. Its Foxeltuckey…what the heck did you expect…the morons of Lake County

  12. This virus is a hoax .

    They are taking our rights

    What are you going to tell your kids and grandkids ?

    That you stood up to oppressive communism?

  13. Exactly right, ‘American!’

    The real morons are the sheep allowing tyranny!

    These protestors are fighting against fascism.

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