McHenry’s Mayor Explains Shops Can Re-Open, Sorta

From McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett:

Message from Mayor Wayne Jett

Dear Citizens and Businesses of McHenry: Commencing today Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order No 202-32 goes into effect.

A large component of that order is the following provision:

“Retail stores not designated as Essential Businesses and Operations may re-open for the limited purposes of fulfilling telephone and online orders through pick-up outside the store and delivery”

This is a very critical provision for our community, one which allows our businesses to sell their products over the phone and on-line for pick-up or delivery.

Wayne Jett as Fiesta Days Parade.

While this is not a total opening of the economy it certainly is a step in the right direction.

I encourage all businesses in our City to take advantage when an opportunity presents itself and this is an opportunity.

All businesses in the City of McHenry which can sell products over the phone or on-line for pick-up or delivery should be doing so!

Just as our businesses learn to adapt I encourage our residents to support these businesses and utilize their products through curb side pickup or deliver.

Remember to shop local and support our local economy.

Success will require our stores to sell and our residents to buy.

Businesses are hurting, your neighbors and friends are in need of your support, particularly during this difficult time.

Shop McHenry and McHenry will thrive.

It’s time for businesses and residents to step up and do their respective part for the community as a whole.

We will persevere but we need to do so together!

“We Are McHenry!”

If you are a local business and you have questions or need some logistical guidance in opening up for curbside pickup or delivery or alternatively require marketing suggestions McHenry is here to help.

Please contact Director of Economic Development Douglas Martin at (815) 363-2110 or Economic Development Coordinator Dorothy Wolf at (815) 363-2175.

If you are a resident who frequents a business that can take advantage of this new provision, please help by spreading the word!

We are all in this together!!

Stay Safe!


Wayne S. Jett, Mayor City of McHenry


McHenry’s Mayor Explains Shops Can Re-Open, Sorta — 15 Comments

  1. Sorry your town is full up with pawn shops, payday loan ripoff centers, tattoo parlors, Mexican bodegas and section 8 housing, Mayor.

    McHenry has become unrecognizable.

    Yeah, I know, it’s not all your fault.

    The two hyenas before you, Althoff and Low did their dirty work, too.

    Your town restoration project ‘jewel’ (the 120 Starbucks) didn’t last too long.

    Try again, the boarded up storefronts are mounting. S

    o many people have actually razed empty commercial Bldg in McHenry rather than pay the exhorbitant, confiscatory property taxes.

    Why are the rising crime stats ‘kept under wraps’?

    Why won’t you listen to Andy Golab?

    Why do you target political enemies?

    Why do your businesses, alone, profit (could it be because townsfolk feel obliged to pay you for ‘peace of mind’?)

    Why has the standard of living plummeted in McHenry, worse than other Illinois towns?

    Why have you failed to keep your sunny campaign promises?

    Why are you a democrat socialist?

    Why do you tell others to use a mask, but don’t yourself?

    How’s that Florida compound going?

  2. It would be easier to catch a Bat, than understand the latest Gov. command and control edict.

  3. “It’s time for businesses and residents to step up and do their respective part for the community as a whole.”

    It’s too late for that.

    You’ve allowed them to be destroyed.

    As long as you try to enforce JB’s illegal second order, there is going to be nothing left in 30 days.

    And that’s only if he does lift it in 30 days.

    What are you going to do if he extends it into July?

    Are you going to keep telling people to “step up”?


    “We Are McHenry!”


    That feelgood sissy stuff doesn’t fix the problems.

  4. Jett is a cultural Marxist.

    It’s that simple.

    Wait till the vaccination orders come and Jett will be right there!

  5. They aren’t going to be able to force a mandatory vaccine.

    Too many people would fight it, even some state lawmakers would largely object.

    You don’t need to go work for a company that will force it.

    You don’t need to send your children to public schools either.

    You don’t need to live in an authoritarian state that tries to remove your ability to work without taking a BS seasonal vaccine.

  6. Why don’t we ever hear from the Mayor of Crystal Lake on this McHenry County Blog?

  7. Sniper, I think he means Andy Glab, the genius who converted his garage into a tunnel.

  8. A federal judge in Rockford ruled against the pastor of the Beloved Church.

    “The Beloved Church and Stephen Carrell filed a motion for temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction on 4/30/2020. In their motion, Plaintiffs seek injunctive relief to permit them to gather for worship at their church on Sunday, 5/3/20, despite Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020−32 (dated 4/30/2020). The Court ordered expedited briefing, and Defendants filed their responses at 5:00 p.m. on 5/1/20, and Plaintiffs filed their reply at
    2:00 p.m. on 5/2/20.

    “After due consideration, the Court denies Plaintiffs’ motion for temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction [6]. The Court will issue a written opinion and order explaining its ruling shortly.”

    It is my understanding that the church held its service anyway.

  9. The church did have the service.

    Just because the restraining order was denied doesn’t mean that they have to comply.

    I read that the police did not show up but that doesn’t mean that they will not hear the end of it.

    The press indicated that they were denied access.

    To be honest, I feel that the church’s legal argument was a bit weak and I didn’t think it would stand up.

    As time goes by, we will see more people ignore this illegal order to a point where it simply will not matter anymore.

    But at that point, Prizker will claim “mission accomplished”.

    Damage will already be done.

    It’s clear though that the tyrants do not like their slaves to be defiant.

  10. Pete Sonneburg, because the Mayor of Crystal Lake is dead!

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