Wilcox Criticizes Pritzker Reopening Plan

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Sen. Wilcox: Plans to reopen Illinois ignore the Democratic process

McHenry, IL. – State Sen. Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry) said the Governor’s five-step phased-in plan to reopen Illinois falls short in many ways, ignores Democracy, and raises questions that need to be answered to ensure transparency and accountability.

“I understand the Governor’s position as the chief executive officer of the state, but we have a democratic republic, a representative government made up of three distinct but equal branches of government, a process which is being ignored,” said Wilcox.

“His plan may have been crafted with input from state agencies and experts, but it is a plan created outside of the Democratic process that belongs to the citizens of Illinois.”

Governor Pritzker announced his plan on Monday, May 5. It’s a five-step plan based on regional healthcare availability and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted different regions of the state.

All of Northeastern Illinois will be under the same rules, regardless of level of Covid-19 infection.

However, a full reopening of Illinois at the level that existed prior to the pandemic would not occur unless there is ‘a vaccine or highly effective treatment widely available or the elimination of any new cases over a sustained period,’ according to a Pritzker press release. [Emphasis added.]

“The people are not being heard.

Craig Wilcox

“Their Senators and Representatives have been kept away from the active responsibility for governance,” said Wilcox.

“There have been no public hearings on the dictates coming from the Governor’s office, and that means no public testimony during legislative committee hearings to discuss the details about his plans and the potential impact of his decisions.”

Sen. Wilcox said important questions must be asked and answered:

1.            Why a 28-day window before moving between phases, while surrounding and similar states use the 14-day recommendation from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases?

2.            Although the Governor has moved away from his ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, why does his plan divide the state into just four regions instead of utilizing the well-established and more responsive 11 Emergency Medical Services regions?

3.            Will positive tests from nursing homes be counted in the data for the regions? If so, such congregate settings are likely to have a much higher spread, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the community spread is any higher for that region. Those tests should be discounted in the data that supposedly drives the reopening.

“The Governor doesn’t share all of the blame for the inadequate response to the pandemic,” said Wilcox.

“The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House could have, but have not called us back to the Capitol to exercise our responsibilities as duly-elected representatives of the people.

“The citizens of Illinois deserve to be heard through the legislative committee process, and perhaps regional public hearings as we have done for other serious issues.

“Unfortunately, the legislative leaders have not abided by their oath of office, by choice.”

Sen. Wilcox said in addition to the issues surrounding the pandemic, there is a state budget to pass in addition to other critical issues that could impact our recovery such as, regulatory relief for struggling businesses and government entities, identifying burdensome healthcare regulations, and issues impacting citizens with disabilities, and concerns about mental health, domestic abuse and child abuse where few mandated reporters are no longer seeing the victims often enough.

He suggests that if the General Assembly can’t meet in person, other arrangements such as meeting virtually should be considered to maintain the legitimacy of state government.

“While I support necessary safety precautions to protect the citizens of this state, I am concerned about the limited return to normalcy and the impact it is having on the lives of millions of Illinoisans, said Wilcox.

“The Governor’s plan is nothing more than a nine-month stay-at-home order imposing restrictions on our Liberty, and violating the text and spirit of the Constitution. [Emphasis added.]

“Most importantly, our citizens’ questions and concerns are not being adequately addressed.

“The attitude seems to be, ‘be quiet and do as you’re told.’”


Wilcox Criticizes Pritzker Reopening Plan — 14 Comments

  1. “While I support necessary safety precautions to protect the citizens of this state, I am concerned about the limited return to normalcy and the impact it is having on the lives of millions of Illinoisans, said Wilcox.


  2. Just OPEN the businesses NOW !

    There is no 100% effective solution for this virus and there will never be one.

    Stop holding people and businesses as political hostages.
    And NEVER forget – Pritz iz da shitz !

  3. By George T. Conway III
    Contributing columnist
    May 6, 2020 at 6:16 PM EDT

    Americans died from covid-19 at the rate of about one every 42 seconds during the past month. That ought to keep any president awake at night. … Not Donald Trump.

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  4. I understand both sides

    my problem is that my daughter has been sick since March 3 admitted to hospital test for flu 2x and strep along ultrasound ct scan chest X-rays all kinds of blood work urine tests and came back with pneumonia

    wouldn’t test her covid 19 because no cases out her at that time and still can’t get her tested or myself and still have symptoms

    mchenry county says not high enough risk but Illinois says yes she does along with primary and they’re saying unconfirmed case

    I’ve called hospital like they tell u too before going and they tell me can’t test her not high priority and keep doing what I’m doing

    I’m on workman’s comp for the past 3 years and there’s no free tearing out here

    why can’t they use the old Walmart parking lot for drive thru testing site than we’d know how to proceed with getting our town back up

  5. Meanwhile,

    San Francisco faces backlash as it delivers alcohol, tobacco and medical marijuana to 43 homeless addicts who have tested positive for coronavirus.

    I’m sure bug eyes and JumBo will institute this by fiat next.

  6. In these days of Media lies, hysteria and mistrust.

    It’s nice to know ‘alter ego’ is reporting all the fact-based, hard hitting , Orange Man bad news.

  7. Wilcox gets it.

    Eventually nearly everyone will open their eyes.

    It’s not going to be pretty when it happens.

  8. Governor Pritzker answered all of the questions state Senator Wilcox raised, but #3 bears closer look.

    3. Will positive tests from nursing homes be counted in the data for the regions? If so, such congregate settings are likely to have a much higher spread, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the community spread is any higher for that region. Those tests should be discounted in the data that supposedly drives the reopening.

    Pritzker’s short answer: Yes

    The question was answered in reference to Department of Corrections facilities, and the governor rightly pointed out that a prison, along with a nursing home, have non-resident workers and support staffs on-site. Since these people interact in the community and return home, they can be infection risks.

    DOC, nursing homes and any kind of shelter will count, and since we’re all in the Northeast region along with 8 other counties including Cook County and the city of Chicago, look for a slow reach from RESTCON 2 to RESTCON 4, let alone RESTCON 5.

    Sorry, when I saw the “phases” on the Restore Illinois plan, I first thought of the old DEFense CONdition phases, or DEFCONs from Cold War days. Unlike DEFCONs, RESTCONs are sequential and must be complete with a minimum of 28 days.

    Looks like all the summer festivals will be cancelled, because even at RESTCON 4, the most you can have a gathering is for 50 people.

  9. Carrie, let me get a violin and play some plaintive strains.

    You are a fake, none of your sad sob story is true.

  10. Why is this number so high, and why is McHenry County lumped into this Chicago based fiasco?

    Recent data on coronavirus-related deaths is opening a window into how hard the pandemic is hitting Latino communities.

    Across Illinois, Latino-majority areas have the highest number of confirmed cases, and on average, tests in those areas come back positive 41% of the time.

    As of Tuesday, a ZIP code in South Lawndale, which includes Little Village, had the highest number of cases in the state, 1,596, the Tribune previously reported.

    Lightfoot and public health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said Latinos in the city accounted for 14% of COVID-19 cases and 19% of deaths four weeks ago.

    Today, 37% of cases and 25% of deaths are Latinos.

    I thought they are now calling the Latinx??


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