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  1. I didn’t like Pritzker after he came into office.

    But his response was swift and he’s able to operate without federal assistance to carry his course of action.

    I wonder how much this sign costs.

    Seems like graphic artists are doing good these days.

    I saw a sign that someone made themselves that said, “Beer kills Covid.”

  2. No federal assistance?

    You mean those stimulus checks and $1 billion of unemployment insurance money that let you claim your extra $600 per week?

    Or what about the National Guard and Army Corps of Engineers that came in to help build his hospitals that weren’t used?

    Or the kits and respirators that were provided to every state in the union?

    Just a few examples.

    He’s actually lying when he claims he’s done it on his own.

    I think that you are mistaken.

    Pritzker hasn’t done a single thing at all, except close down the economy and deliberately prevent lawmakers from returning to do their job for the past 2 months.

    What exactly are you asking for that the government hasn’t provided?

    Pritzker is a liar and he’s mislead so many people.

  3. Those stimulus checks were given to individuals, not the state. Also, I’m not collecting that extra $600 a week. I’m working… If I were, I’d be collecting more than I could earn. I’m envious of those who get to collect. Pritzker locking down the state is doing something, better than just letting things happen and then reacting. I can see people being upset at him for a lack of lockdown.

    I’ve actually been licensed as a healthcare worker, I’m not certain if you’re aware of how a CPR triage work, but it’s putting someone like me in charge of those at the scene of the incident and it’s up to me to decide who gets green, yellow, red and black tagged. Someone with a yellow tag needs to be checked on but seem stable. That doesn’t mean they can be discharged without a proper medical check.

    I understand that the economy is hurting, but who are the people who are going to have to rebuild it?

    It doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of yellow tags walking around to only turn red or gods forbid, black tagged. If we allow business to resume at the levels that some are advocating for, like dine in restaurants or having birthday parties at places or even having sports bars serve beer or host UFC nights.

    It takes a better leader to make an unfavorable option, one that would obviously hurt his chances of running in government again. I was never going to advocate for Pritzker, but now I have to give him credit for doing it.

    I came into the pandemic disliking Pritzker, at the moment I’m glad to be here in IL.

    More people are getting infected, the disease isn’t over and McHenry isn’t immune. I’ll see ya’ll (or some) after the next wave.

  4. I gave examples of federal assistance that was given directly to the state.

    The $600 per person is one such example.

    $150 billion was given in state grants for states running out of cash.

    It’s just dishonest to claim that there was no federal assistance, that’s all.

    It’s OK if you approve of what he’s doing.

    It’s just not true that he’s done it all on his own.

    All of it, from all sides, is being manipulated to divide people.

    Pritzker isn’t the only one who’s guilty.

    And, no. You won’t be seeing me next wave.

  5. You know what Pritzker did on his own?

    He issued an illegal order to shut down the state.

    I will give him credit where credit is due.

  6. That sign is incorrect.

    Actually “Pritzker Blows”

    But typical Repubs in Illinois, preferred JB over Ives and now put up a has been like Oberwiess to all but guarantee a loss.

    They remind me of that team that played the Globe Trotters on your, a necessary part of the whole experience, guaranteed not to win but still get Solid pay able to raise fake outrage and funding while held to low expectations.

  7. **deliberately prevent lawmakers from returning to do their job for the past 2 months.**

    How so?

  8. Is that sign:

    1. Homophobic

    2. Anti-Semitic

    3. Anti-communist

    4. Anti-NWO

    5. Anti-Fauci/Gates/Soros


  9. Pritzker Could easily find himself some day confined to an Aleutian Island with a very short growing season.

    His 45 layers of subcutaneous fat may last him through Winter 1.

    But his life expectancy will not rxtend much longer.

    He has been pampered by an army of servants his whole useless life.

    He still had wet nurses when he was in high school!

  10. The Chicago Outfit used to have a front boss and a real boss.

    For years, Sam Giancana was the public face who took all the heat, while the real power was wielded behind the scenes by men like Tony Accardo and Paul Ricca.

    JB Pritzker is the front boss of the State of Illinois.

    We all know that Mike Madigan is the man really pulling the strings.

  11. Billy Bob hits nail on the head!

    hat;s a grand slam, not just a homer.

  12. State of Illinois govner your time is almost over we got you next 3 years o hope and pray will be last 3 years

  13. My husband and I would love to know where we can get these yard signs.

    I am starting to see them all over Dixon, Illinois.

    Send some my way, please! 🙂

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