Ripsnorting County Board Meeting

I’ve got lots of notes, but for those of you with time on your hands go to 3:02 on the recording and listen to the interchange between McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and Board members.

Franks starts it off at 3:05 by naming all the Republican Board members up for election this fall.

Check out Franks reply to a call from Jim Kearns that he give up his county-paid health insurance and go on the state insurance that goes with the pension he collects is at 3:25.

Kelli Wegener

Franks so politicized the discussion of the following three agenda items that even Democrat Kelli Wegener at about 3:39 took offense.


1. Resolution Extending the Declaration of Emergency Due to COVID-19 in McHenry County, Illinois

2. Resolution Requiring Time Sheets for County Board Members Taking County Insurance

3. Resolution Reducing Annual Salaries for Most McHenry County Elected Officials

Put your favorite part in the comment section.


Ripsnorting County Board Meeting — 21 Comments

  1. Did he actually say that they have (in the past) been paid and get medical benefits and don’t even have to show up?

  2. “Karen” Wegener was pretty much in tears.

    Never knew we had such a group of emotional crybabies running the county.

    Anyone who can’t have a discussion without getting into tears should stay out.

    I don’t like how Jack dodged the question about keeping hours.

    They have a point that his pay and insurance cuts have no bearing on the immediate issues.

    They’re rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    But, yes, they need to be held accountable.

    That’s likely the whole point.

  3. Some Guy, put a sock in it!

    You don’t even live in McHenry County!

    You are nothing but a stalker!

  4. Yes.

    From his reference to that elected official having been in Florida and Wisconsin, I would assume he was speaking of former Sheriff Keith Nygren.

  5. Karen, ahem DALA, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t live in the county.

    I guess my comment about crybabies on the county board really struck a nerve. Those who get emotional aren’t fit to serve in any form of government.

  6. Frank’s explanation of taking the county insurance is some of the best political gobbley-gook I have ever heard.

    He wants to be just like everyone else (Eye roll here).

    And he’s only getting a measly $140 a month supplement from the state.

    What a true, millionaire hero.

  7. Actually, Some Guy, your comments just make you look stupid!

    DALA is not Karen.

    Some Guy is a know it all!. He knows nothing!

    Further, Some Guy, you are another BULLY! – Which means you are a Jack Franks Protege!

  8. What was Wegner crying’ about?

    I’ll have to tune into this doozie.

  9. OK, DALA Karen. I do live in McHenry County though.

    We were asked to put our favorite part in the comment section. \\

    My favorite part is when a board member cried and how several claimed that they were “so upset”.

    To answer everyone’s questions, nobody really knows why Wegner was crying, Seems like she doesn’t like accountability, like most feminists and Democrats.

    Fun fact. Her county profile picture appears to be from circa 2005.

  10. Why, why, why do people diminish a person’s statement on the basis ofdisplaying emotion?

    I witnessed Franks getting angry, defensive and accusatory.

    Speaking of displaying emotion, how conveniently we forget that Franks is under investigation for sexual assault and harassment!

    Franks takes pride in threatening elected officials and having his unfounded accusations published in the paper he sponsors.

    BTW I watched the COW attentively.

    I saw only earnest and well reasoned comments from Ms. Wegener.

  11. I don’t think that anyone is defending Franks.

    Note that I mention he’s dodging questions and some of his critics have a point.

    I disagree on well reasoned comments.

    Donating county money to food banks is dumb and isn’t a long term solution.

    There will be no money soon.

    Get people back to work.

  12. I saw Kelli cry because she thought a snake made a face at her.

    Me: ‘Kelli, it’s just a grass snake. Why are you crying?”

    K: “it was horrible!”

    Me: “What’s so horrible?! It’s gone now .”

    K: “It made a horrible face at me, me Kelli Wegener. The only person on the county board that really understands climate change and virology. Can you believe it?”

    Me: “whadya mean made a face?”

    K: “It stuck its tongue out at me!”


  13. This is what’s called “setting the agenda”.

    According to the most recent audit, the County spent $163 million in Fiscal 2018, which ended 11/30/18. (The FY2019 audit isn’t available almost six months after the end of the fiscal year.)

    McHenry County’s estimation that its funding could be down anywhere from $6 million to $22 million this fiscal year.

    Cutting the Board’s pay by 10% might save $50,000 a year?

    So that 0.3% to 0.8% of what’s needed to patch the budget.

    “Accomplish” this, and the budget will only be short by $5,950,000 to $21,950,000.

    But what are we all talking about?

  14. Steve Wilson is right.

    I’m thinking that most of our elected officials are avoiding dealing with the real issues because it would prove to be unpopular.

    This goes for all levels of government, but is the main reason that we are in this situation.

    Now, all the snivelers beg for someone above them to make a tough decision so they don’t have to.

    Jack Franks is no exception.

    That’s what we get for electing cowards.

    They’ll only act when there are no other options. When it’s too late.

  15. Should have heard the goings at the McHenry Township meeting tonight.

    Some board members really wanna cut the spending!

  16. Wearing purple, bad haircut, wild gesticulations, and crying…

    Ok, Amy Klobuchar, what have you done with Kelli Wegener?!

  17. Denise/DALA is really of her rocker. She claims no one lives in McHenry County.

  18. This is the sort of human dross that rules the roost in McHenry Country. John Jung continues to praise Wegener?


    Pam Althoff says Wegener is one of the Board’s ‘smartest members’.



    Well, Pam if that’s true about the Board of Freaks no wonder McHenry County is so screwed up!

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