McHenry County Real Estate Tax Bills Go in the Mail Today, Information Available Online

With trepidation, I went to McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller’s web site this morning to see how much my wife and I had to scrape up to finance our tax districts.

Last year our bill was over $10,000.

This year, to my utter surprise, it’s $8,676.64.

Fourteen percent less than last year.

Flooding on Broadway in Lakewood.

Maybe our whole Country Club Additions subdivision was devalued because of the pervasive flooding and the metropolitan-wide publicity of that condition.

Beats me.


McHenry County Real Estate Tax Bills Go in the Mail Today, Information Available Online — 15 Comments

  1. Maybe they are getting ahead of the coming devaluation of property values in Illinois due to the lack of demand for housing as people move out of this state?

    CHICAGO (Jan. 7, 2020) – Illinois is losing billions each year as residents leave and take their earning potential with them. Original analysis by the nonpartisan Illinois Policy Institute found that the state lost out on up to $32 billion in adjusted gross income, or AGI, since 2010 from residents moving to other states. That’s roughly $12.4 million per day.

    Using new data released by the Internal Revenue Service for tax years 2017-2018, the Institute found that while residents leaving the state come from all income brackets, Illinois is losing more than twice as many wealthy residents as it is attracting.

    These findings come as Illinois voters will decide Nov. 3, 2020, whether to scrap Illinois’ constitutionally protected flat income tax for a progressive income tax. Gov. J.B. Pritzker has promised the $3.4 billion tax hike will fund programs, services and new spending.

  2. Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers, will enact a new “law” requiring
    all people and businesses to pay an exit tax of at least 50% (perhaps more) of their net worth
    upon leaving Illinois.

    ISP roadblocks will stop all vehicles at state lines and demand
    that valid paperwork and forms showing compliance with this new law before
    vehicle(s) are allowed to proceed.

    MSM will hail this as an urgent and necessary measure to Make Illinois Solvent Again.
    Anyone caught violating this “law” will be summarily sentenced to live in Chicago for life.

  3. Imagine living in Southern Illinois, and closing your small business because a billionaire governor hundreds of miles north determined you were non-essential, and if you don’t follow his orders, he will send his soldiers(state police) to either arrest you or have your license pulled.

    This is not going to end well.

  4. I seem to recall that it was 2012-2013 or so when Nunda assessors were out in full force, trying to sneak a peak into peoples homes and staring down into basement window wells.

    They were looking for any excuse at all to assess home improvements to jack up the taxes.

    They weren’t particularly popular around the neighborhood.

  5. I live a few blocks from Cal in the ghettos and mine went up 35% with no changes in the 30 years I have owned it.

    I called and they are blaming it on an assessment from that Grafton guy, Big Al Zelinski.

    His EAV does show an egregious valuation from last year.

    I left a message for him to call so keep you fingers crossed that he fixes it before I go postal at the next board meeting.

    I am getting sick of this County and State.

  6. Mary Mahady, the Democratic freak of McHenry and Township Tax ASSessor goes after people she ‘doesn’t like’ …. but look at her own pad and its infinitely small assessment.

    Hey, what gives!

  7. Patrick D. Kennelly should be taking a pay cut from his $175k salary to the minimum wage.

    Also, in my opinion he should be buying his own doughnuts and snacks.

  8. Kenneally is a selfish, self-promoting sort. The Big Criminals have a sort of immunity with him. He’s a blight.

  9. So there is the proof.

    If your assessment goes down.

    That is a fact.

    Ours went up 1500.

    Illinois and the county applied the multiplier.

    You can celebrate now.

    But wait for the bounce back!

    Just look at the state fiscal liabilities, combined with the shear number of tax payers departing the state.

    Everything will go up.

    To include the state filing for bankruptcy

  10. Mine went up 38% for no known reason except I called Jennings a township pig last year.

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